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  1. I'd like to request prayer for anxiety and fear. I had a mammogram today which usually brings a lot of anxiety until I get the results because my mother had breast cancer. Also, this weekend is my daughter and my mother's birthdays, and having my mother here in my house to visit makes me crazy with anxiety, and I'm also feeling some anxiety with parenting this week. I can't believe my "baby" is almost 8 years old, and I'm having a hard time with thoughts of her growing up, the future, etc. I'd like to have another child also, but my biological clock is running out so I'm anxious about that too. I have prayed, and tried to meditate on Scripture, but ended up overeating, and worrying more than anything today. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Connie. and Cholette, and traveller, for your prayers, and agreement with Connie's words. Connie, I will print off what you typed, and start saying it daily. That was so incredible and touching. It's awesome to have such a wonderful place here to come for prayer. You are wonderful sisters in Christ!
  3. I'd like to request prayer for healing for uterine fibroids, and also a cyst in my finger. With the fibroids, I've been to my OB/GYN, and she recommends doing an ablation and removing the fibroids. (the location of the fibroids causes pain, and a lot of bleeding which has left me with anemia also) The only problem is that this would make me sterile. I know it sounds completely crazy, but I'm 39, have one child, and would like another even though my husband and I are in disagreement, and he does not want another child whatsoever. I guess I should request prayer also for problems in our relationship. I am a believer, he isn't, and we've been struggling a lot to relate positively lately. It's gotten to where there are times that I can't stand to hear his voice, or be in the same room for him for another minute, and I give myself a "time out." As far as the cyst in my finger, it's some type of ganglion cyst according to my family doctor, and it makes it hard for me to write or do things with my hand, and also gets kind of tingly, numb at times. I'm supposed to see an orthopedic doctor on the 9th. All of this has left me feeling sort of depressed, and hopeless some of the time, and I've struggling to even want to get out of bed in the morning, or do much of anything other than isolate and hide from these problems. I do see a Christian counselor, and take meds for the depression, but my husband doesn't want anything to do with counseling himself. I'm not sure if some of this is just me, attack from the enemy, or just life. I do attend church regularly, and go to a women's small group, but lately, I haven't felt like going, but I do anyways. Thanks for your prayers.
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