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Prayer Request for Fibroids and Cyst

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I'd like to request prayer for healing for uterine fibroids, and also a cyst in my finger. With the fibroids, I've been to my OB/GYN, and she recommends doing an ablation and removing the fibroids. (the location of the fibroids causes pain, and a lot of bleeding which has left me with anemia also) The only problem is that this would make me sterile. I know it sounds completely crazy, but I'm 39, have one child, and would like another even though my husband and I are in disagreement, and he does not want another child whatsoever. I guess I should request prayer also for problems in our relationship. I am a believer, he isn't, and we've been struggling a lot to relate positively lately. It's gotten to where there are times that I can't stand to hear his voice, or be in the same room for him for another minute, and I give myself a "time out."

As far as the cyst in my finger, it's some type of ganglion cyst according to my family doctor, and it makes it hard for me to write or do things with my hand, and also gets kind of tingly, numb at times. I'm supposed to see an orthopedic doctor on the 9th.

All of this has left me feeling sort of depressed, and hopeless some of the time, and I've struggling to even want to get out of bed in the morning, or do much of anything other than isolate and hide from these problems. I do see a Christian counselor, and take meds for the depression, but my husband doesn't want anything to do with counseling himself. I'm not sure if some of this is just me, attack from the enemy, or just life. I do attend church regularly, and go to a women's small group, but lately, I haven't felt like going, but I do anyways.

Thanks for your prayers.

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~We are never hopeless, we have the Lord! Nothing is impossible for our Father. He is the creator of all things! He gives us life, and we accept that life, now in Jesus name for all of us. Satan is a liar and a thief. He wants you down and out. Everything that happens in our life has purpose. Even though we cannot see it at the moment. Nothing is by happen chance or by mistake. It all has purpose. I want you to be encouraged today knowing who you are in Christ.

You are a child of the Most High
You are redeemed from the hand of the enemy
You find favor where ever you go
You are blessed coming in and going out
You are covered by the blood of Jesus
You are forgiven
You are above only and not beneath
You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus
You are Lead by the Spirit of God
You are getting all your needs met
You are healed by his stripes
You are saved by grace through faith
You are loved by God and loving God
You are exercising your authority over the enemy
You are a laborer together with God
You are delivered from the powers of darkness
You are increasing in the knowledge of God
You are blessed with all spiritual blessings
You are a partaker of His divine nature
You are free from the curse of the law
You are an heir to the blessings of Abraham
You are establishing Gods word here on earth
You are receiving abundantly above all you could hope or imagine
You are Blessing the Lord at all times
You are fighting the good fight of faith

See! See who you are in Him! It just does not get any better than that. I speak these things over my life everyday. I pray today that you print this out and hang it up and speak it over your life. I spoke these things over my life everyday. These are all scripture. There is no better way to fight the enemy than speaking the word over your life everyday and reading it and praying everyday. I watched my life totally transform in a year. You are an awesome daughter of the Most High!

God bless you and keep you, may the Lords face shine upon you with joy because of you, may he be gracious unto and bring you his peace. Numbers 6:24-26~

Love in Jesus,


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Whooohoooo...Preach it Connie. I'm in agreement!

Jill, I will be lifting you and your family up before the Lord. Expect change because the Lord is faithful!!!!

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Awesome words Connie! Praise God for His Words!
Jill, I too am praying for you and your health and your husband.
in our Lord Jesus!

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Thanks, Connie. and Cholette, and traveller, for your prayers, and agreement with Connie's words. Connie, I will print off what you typed, and start saying it daily. That was so incredible and touching. It's awesome to have such a wonderful place here to come for prayer. You are wonderful sisters in Christ!


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I'm standing in agreement with these prayers!

Thanks very much for this Connie, I'm cutting it out as well and forwarding to some friends! thumbs

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~I am so glad you all like the post. When I was in Ministry training getting my degree I remember that my praise and worship leader gave me that list and called it the "I Am's". When I speak over me the list I always say "I am a child of the Most High" etc. I am glad you are all encouraged by it. I pray you are all blessed by it. It is an honor to have sisters and brothers like you.

Love in Jesus,


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