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  1. 5x999 received and festive wallpaper sent! thanks for the trade. added rep for u
  2. f/r confirmed.. will send festive wallpaper once 1x4999 or 5x999 is sent.. thanks.
  3. samurai helmet sent and 3x999 received.. thanks for the trade! added rep for u
  4. 2x999 only hun.. =) I've sent 2*999 plz check stand wand decor sent and 2x999 received.. thanks for the trade. added rep for u =)
  5. Hi! The baby chick doll is already sold.. and i only have 1 stand wand decor..
  6. hi! i'll sell mine for 2x4999 as well. pls add me with a note if u agree. thanks!
  7. received/sent all the items hun.. thank you.. sorry for the little delay.. =D not a problem.. items received as well. can i add santa mayor pic and red holly candle for 5x999 or 1x4999? Yes you can hun.. sorry for the late answer.. hiya hun! 1x4999 sent for the santa mayor pic and red holly candle. sorry for the delay as well coz i just logged in now. will add rep once i got the items. thanks!
  8. 2x999 for both.. ok, I'll take them~~ now sent you 2X999 sent u the panda and rabbit sachet.. 2x999 received as well. thanks for the trade. added rep for ya
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