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  1. A brother in our meeting prayer house told and testified of what God did for him and his family prayers,I from there instantly known quite well that there is power in prayers and that prayers answers all problems.Praise God everybody.
  2. Thank you Jesus for showing yourself to one of your children,thank you for the divine delivrance and making him to stand again,may your name be forever praised Amen.
  3. You put in there a very example of Jesus followers for others to emulate from.
  4. I just want to praise the name of the Lord for His journey mercies that He granted me when I was away to Canada. He is forver faithful to His children.
  5. He has been very honest and faithful to us all.What could we be doing without Him? The answer is that we can never do anything without puting Him first.
  6. He always showering His love unto us by making us to have slept yesterday and wake up this morning in good/sound health as it was not by our making nor our righeousness rather His grace,favour and love towards His children.May His name be praised.
  7. Our Lord is always good all the time and He lives and rain forever more Amen.He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
  8. Thanks a lot Moderator for your kind response,I jut paked in to Atlanta and haven't known any where yet.I think that I will find a nwe church and start worshiping with them,from there I can get one.Once again thank God for your response.
  9. Hello everybody can someone tell me a place near me where I can become one of the members of bible teachings as I would like like to learn more since words of God is our weapon.
  10. It is a great thing to testify what this wonderful God did in His ministry yesterday during healing service that was conducted by our visiting pastor.He healed the sicks who immediately after the service jumped out and testify themselves.He is indeed wonderful.
  11. I am here parising and glorifying the name of God and puting shame to satan. A very good friend of mine has been living in penury with his wife for not having a child for years after their wedlock.One day I paid a visit to them and we prayed together,prophesied for the first time and behold,one month time,my friend ran to me with tears of joy telling me that his wife has took in. Right now, today they have a very bouncing baby boy. Please everybody,do help me to praise our Lord for He has done it again.Praise the Lord!!
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