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  1. Schools! Oh my goodness was I in the flesh when I wrote this. I got mad threw out my coat !!!! It was black (once) sort of turned greenish and sagging from washing And Black is not my best color. Then I threw out one of my 2 pair of shoes.So i am wearing heels temporarily.But It was cathartic! I ordered a new coat found a coupon online -just100.00. As for the rest of it I made a list of what I need colors I want so everything will go together and just wait in God
  2. Ok so I need some clothing. We have $ need and so I keep putting me at the bottom of the list. But, to make a good impression etc I need to present myself well.I am hoping to visit some women who work in jobs I am interested in learning about. Any advice appreciated!
  3. Dear Jesus, please move mightily to save this child, let the truth be made known. Help this mother.In your precious name, Amen
  4. Thank you for your prayers! She is w ell!
  5. please pray that God will give me wisdom to speak and avoid conflict. I told 2 people I was taking a healing class -both have had illnesses byw this led to these a stirring up strife (one saying the teacher is a fake -no evidence of that) 2. questioning if everyone gets healed ok so now hubby who gave me the money for the class says I am going ahead of him and being the leader of our family. I told him he could pick a new church if he wanted to ( he doesnt) I told him no, I have family who need healing and you gave me the money and said it was ok with you! All in a ll not a good day. I do feel God leading me in this -had prophecies and received a healing myself.
  6. We has mice scratchomng in the walls and in my ebay closet Dad put out D con and the scratching stopped. !
  7. And those loved ones who has passed away and gone to heaven are actually watching us this is what I have always thought. I think of them as cheering us on! thank you for your input.
  8. My pastor lost his daughter this week. They asked for us to write letters to their kids about God/Heaven. So I am doing this my question is are the cloud of witnesses our loved ones in Heaven? Does anyone have any ideas on what to tell these kids? I want to encourage them!
  9. They have 8 kids adopted and born and they have asked for prayer for their kids.
  10. she lost her baby today. thank you.
  11. I really wish we could have shared a cake with you today. You are a real friend!
  12. God bless you Cholette ! I hope you have a wondeful very happy birthday day! !
  13. Ant cups worked! Now the mice came back....D con is in the closet and i havent heard anything yet tonight!
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