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  1. Thanks Astra, for you have helped a lot. I will continue to pray for my friend so that God himself through the power of the HS ministers to her; because everytime I try to point her to the Word, she gives me answers that make me frustrated and indeed I feel burnt-out. Only God can make her heart receptive to His word. I have come to the conclusion that all I can do is pray, pray and pray more for her.
  2. Hi Astra Thanks a lot for such thoughtful and well-meaning advice. You have made me realize that in a way I was being judgmental of my friend and seeing myself as holier than thou art; pride that the Lord hates. I repent of my sin and will continue to pray for my friend and give her the support that she needs, bearing in mind that I too am a sinner who needs help. Thanks for helping me realize the error of my ways. God bless you and may he continue to work through you.
  3. Hi everyone. I need some help concerning my relationship with a friend. I have pondered over this for a long time now, but still not sure about how to proceed. I have known this friend for more than twenty years and at one time we were the best of friends. With time I moved to a different country, and for the past 12 years we have kept in touch erratically, sometimes going for 6 months without any communication. This friend calls herself a christian, but her actions do not reflect her beliefs. For example, she has confessed to me that she was having an affair with a married man, this was when sh herself was also married (now divorced; she left her husband. To be fair to her, she was in an abusive relationship. Not judging her decision to quit.) However, what I did not agree with was her act of adultery, and causing another woman pain. I tried all I could to make her see sense, to no avail. She continued with the affair, which went beyond her divorce, lasting about two years or slightly less. In an unfortunate turn of events, this past April she was diagnosed with cancer. I tried as much as I could to be supportive of her, at one time even giving her financial assistance. She is still going through the treatment. The reason why I bring her illness in this is to make this point; I feel drained with this relationship, but I feel bad cutting ties with her now because I know she needs support. I however feel that this friendship has run it's course and I do not want to continue in it. I came to this conclusion recently when I visited my native country and this friend came to my home to see me. All she talked about for her whole visit was how difficult she is finding it to get a new man, basically her current problem, from what I see, is not getting healed from the cancer, but her need for a man. Her problem is not even concern for her her eight year old daughter who might be left without a mother, but where and how to get a man. While I understand that we are flesh and blood and we do have needs in that area, I just could not understand how she could be so bothered by her sexual needs in the face of such health issues. To be honest, I feel that there is a spirit that is manifesting itself in her life and has now managed to destroy her marriage, brought her the illness, and is keeping her mind so pre-occupied by sexual matters so as to prevent her from seeking the face of Jehovah to receive her healing. I have tried praying with her, going through bible verses with her, but her responses are, e.g "Well, the bible does say my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit but.......what am I supposed to do sexually.....my husband doesn't touch me anymore.......(regarding the adulterous affair) I am almost 40, where do I get a single man of that age?" Long story short, I do not want to associate with this friend anymore. What should I do? Thanks for your advice in advance.
  4. I am so happy for you Linda, for what the Lord is doing for you. Complete healing is yours in Jesus's name. Praise the Lord!
  5. Thanks Cholette. I have been very much encouraged. Commenting on Jer 31:16-17, The New Spirit Filled Bible (NKJV) says that much of the old testament is the story of God's children (the Israelites) straying, so God knows our heartache, and he promises to bring our straying children back. God bless you.
  6. Cholette, Words fail me to express how much your response/testimony has ministered to me this morning. Thanx for the encouragement, and your response is bang on on the issues that I'm facing. You are right to say that these actions are meant to intimidate me. This is the truth; when he was telling me about his unbelief in God, his face looked strange - in my spirit I knew that wasn't him talking. I responded very calmly, but in my mind I was telling the devil where to go. I draw my strength from the fact that in all 3 dreams, I defeated the enemy. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who prepares us for battle and shows us the outcome - thus encouraging us. Glory to God. @ Connie - Thanks for your prayers, much appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone. I need some help and advise on how best to handle a problem that I am currently facing. Last week beginning on Wednesday I was having dreams that I knew were warning me of an impending spiritual attack (three dreams in total). On Sunday morning (03.42 am when I woke up), the Holy Spirit told me that before that day was over, the dream would have manifested; and it did. I have a teenage son, 15 yrs old, who is going through a rebellious phase at the moment. Previously, with regards to church attendance, he has obeyed, though he makes it very obvious that he does not like it - he will make endless trips to the loo, or go out in the middle of the service and sit outside untill the end of service. This Sunday, as we got back from church I noticed that he was really angry and asked him what the matter was. He then told me that it was because he did not want to go to church because he does not believe in God. I asked him what does he believe in, and he said "nothing." I found this very hard to take, and it really affected me spiritually. Any ideas on how I should handle this, please?
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