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  1. Dreamed last night of a very loud BANG like an explosion or gunshot sound that was heard while I was laying in bed. I also heard a female voice yell, scream or speak loudly. When i sat up in bed i glanced out into the hallway i noticed an area of the wall in the hallway had somewhat of a glow or shimmer. I also found out the noise & talking was coming from next door. Could this be a warning of a fire or explosion? My emotions in the dream were calm & I don't recall even getting out of bed. Will post in another place if needed. Any suggestions how to handle this?
  2. Thanks each of you. I thought it was going to be yesterday because the person addressed the situation. However, God told me that a change of heart hasnt taken place & the matter is still not resolved, therefore opportunities are coming for His message to still be delivered. Both of you gave excellent feedback and confirmed the fact that I must include relevant scripture to support what I'm going to say, really seek God and rely on His Word & the Holy Spirit will do the rest.
  3. I pray for John and his family situation that Lord, you'd meet the true need of his family and him. I pray that in the midst of going through this John will worship you more fervently, understand you better and walk in Your PEACE Heavenly Father, so that he can be a living testimony of your grace, favor, mercy and AWESOME LOVE!! In Jesus' name AMEN!! eyeoflight
  4. I cannot express my thanks to God for this website. It is clearly Christ honoring and Holy Spirit directed. I have a few posts for dream interpretation/confirmation and I'm also praying for revelation too. My prayer request is that as a result of two of the dreams I posted and events that have taken place since then I believe God is giving me the green light to deliver a prophetic message related to my dream about the crashing tree stump. I'd been wondering why I hadn't rec'd any replies to my posts but it is clear that God has been preparing me for this moment. Interpretation of symbols that keep repeating themselves are starting to make relevant sense. I still welcome any further comments and definitely PRAYER. I've read thoroughly the teaching regarding prophecying, prophets etc. WHAT TREMENDOUS HELP! And will study again. I requesting prayer also because the person I'm going to address is my pastor. it is a warning and cautionary message so you KNOW I am not taking this lightly. Thanks. Eyeoflight
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