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  1. Hi Cholette- I actually had weight problems after my pregnancy. I am 5'9 and I use to weigh 135lbs but after my son I weighed 190lbs. I ate healthy and worked out for a whole year, because I have always enjoyed exercising. I had told the Lord that I really wanted to model, but I had gained so much wait! and the Lord told me, "you loose the weight and I'll do the rest." at the time I was attending school full-time and taking care of my son. I would wake up at 4 am in the morning to workout. Literally a whole year of sweat and tons of crying! eventually I lost most of the weight. However, I lost the weight and look pretty slender now, but I have the loose skin in my stomach. I did the sit-ups for six months, my stomach is flat but with loose skin, so now I want to get surgery. I believe it just depends on the person, and what the Lord personally says regarding the matter. The Lord as promised to provide money for my surgery, but I lost the weight with exercising and eating healthy not a quick way for a slimmer body, so it just depends.
  2. Hi, I just want to say to all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to keep Israel in prayer!! Thank You.
  3. Thank you lola21st ...this really spoke to me...God is constantly confirming to me that everything is going to be okay...
  4. Thank You LindaIrish, I am going to memorize those scriptures ! I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me as well!:) thank you!! And you are still beautiful! Praise GOD for showing me that I am not the only one who has gone through it and that there is hope. And we can live as a testimony for other who are going through the same!! Thank you Ladies, you are wonderful! I feel much better now!!! THERE IS HOPE!! GOD IS MY HOPE! once again, GOD BLESS!!
  5. Hi Lola21st, Thank you for your encouragement, and the comfort, I will defiantly look into the website. GOD BLESS YOU! I really needed to hear this...you and lindairish are inspiration to have gone through what I went through and are so rooted in the Lord! praise GOD!
  6. Hey Renaemrgn, I graduated from aesthetics in December and I am currently unemployed, I can't find a job anywhere. I totally agree with you, and yes I love my son dearly that is the reason why I am still attending college other than graduating from aesthetics. And I did loos the weight, I weigh 150lbs as of now, I am only 15 lbs left to go. And for the last 7 months the Lord has been humbling tremendously, the hard thing is just the fact that I can't go out. I feel like my body is so ugly. The only thing that encourages me to go out is taking my son to the park of family gatherings so that he may play with kids. and no matter how many times I try to tell my self I am beautiful and I am God's creation, I can't help but feel this anger towards my ex-husband, and I have so much trouble accepting my "new image" and I cry. I know the Lord is there and he will deliver me and help me get through it but it's just sooo hard. And I have made God, my husband. I don't have an issue being single for the rest of my life, since Jesus is the best husband any one can have. But it's this low-self esteem thing, many think or say I am beautiful, but I don't feel it. I don't know if it's because my husband did things and I need healing. And thank you, I appreciate your advice, I just can't erase what he did to me. I guess it's a matter of time and healing. Thank you, it's good to know that there are other girls like me whom I can share this with. :)
  7. Dear Friends, Every since, I was 12 years old. I have always wanted to become a model. After, I graduated from High School, I went to Arizona to take modeling classes. I was number #1 in my class. The teacher loved me. She thought I was beautiful and humble, I was gonna audition for the movie Esther, but the Lord called me to return to California and so I did. I decided to enroll to college, and there I met my husband who persuid me for seven months. Until eventually I decided to date him, to make the story short I got pregnant, he wanted me to abort, but I said no. I don't believe in abortion. We decided to marry after that because his pastor said, that if we were going to be together we needed to get married and so we did. The seven months of marriage was trouble, he would verbally abuse me, as well as physically. Then he wanted to divorce me, because I was afraid of him and I stopped loving him, but still remained in the marriage thinking that is what the Lord wanted. When I had my son my body got damage, I gained 200lbs and took me a year and 1/2 to go back to how I was, but my body wasn't the same. I began seeing the changes in my body, and my modeling dream, I felt it was over...I cried, and my husband didn't care. He asked for the divorce..we waited 7 months without speaking to eachother, then he used me and said he didn't want the divorce anymore and I thought it was the Lord restoring our marriage. So, I told him with the condition that we both get counseling and he gets help with his abusive behavior, he said yes, and he used me for sex, a month later said he wanted the divorce and we filed. He said he wanted the divorce to focus in the NBA, GOD, AND SCHOOL. The Lord told me it was because there was another girl he was interested in. He destroyed my self-esteem. I am only 24 and my body looks like if I had 4 kids when I only have one. I can't even go outside or go out because of feel sooo ugly. And to top it off he finally confessed he had a gf but he is not fornicating. I think to myself, WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING YET SUFFERING FOR EVERYTHING, AND HE IS DOING THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE LORD WANTED AND HE IS LIVING HAPPY!!. I feel like my dream for modeling is over, and I want to forgive him, I pray to the Lord and I stay on my knees until I feel better, but why do I keep feeling like I am ugly. Like I will never model again...I don't want to hate him......I tried eating healthy to restore my body but I can't. Surgery is the only option but I don't have money, I am a college student, single mom, unemployed, and I been like this for the past 8 months....there are times when I just wish JESUS came so I can make this pain go away....
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