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  1. I have been praying for the salvation of my future husband. I have been shown who he is in dreams for 2 - 2 1/2 years now. To make a long story short.... He started dating another girl last year. She is someone who doesn't have the "Light" so to speak. I would even call it a jezebel. Anyway... I know he is on the brink of coming back to Christ and I just learned last night that he is now engaged to her. Needless to say today has been a journey. I know that this is the season when he will return back to church and it is also the season of my relationship being restored with him. With that being said I am still having a hard time with this. I know God can and will close the door that needs closed in order to fulfill what HE desires in this time. Can you please keep us in your prayers?
  2. Thanks everyone!!! princessdelia- I agree with you. In fact that's what I've been praying too. I believe these storms he is in is bringing him to were he needs to be for complete repentance. I'll share this part of the dream with you because your comment it will be beautiful kind of reminded me of it. This guy was a Marine in RL. In the dream my Uncle Randy was putting mulch down by his poppies and someone else said that will make them sugar. When I woke up I really wondered what does that mean? This is what I found interesting. The bright scarlet colour signifies a promise of resurrection after death. and then of course this "The poppy of wartime remembrance is Papaver rhoeas, the red-flowered corn poppy. This poppy is a common weed in Europe and is found in many locations, including Flanders, the setting of the famous poem "In Flanders Fields," by the Canadian surgeon and soldier John McCrae. In Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, artificial poppies (plastic in Canada, paper in the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand) are worn to commemorate those who died in war. This form of commemoration is associated with Remembrance Day, which falls on November 11. In Canada, Australia and the UK, poppies are often worn from the beginning of November through to the 11th, or Remembrance Sunday if that falls on a later date (November 13 in 2011). In New Zealand and Australia, soldiers are commemorated on ANZAC day (April 25),[3] although the poppy is still commonly worn around Remembrance Day. Wearing of poppies was once a custom in the United States as well, and attempts have been made to revive the tradition in the US in connection with Memorial Day (end of May)." I use mulch to protect my plants from the elements and provide needed moisture. Them saying that will make them sugar made me think that when this is over the desired result - repentance will be sweet.
  3. Lola- no problem. I welcome your input. No worries. I can guarantee I will not be saying anything to him. It wouldn't do any good since I know he is not ready to hear it and it would most likely hurt the process. Waiting of God! I will, however, keep praying for God's Will to be done. The reason I know God is now dealing with him is because I have seen in dreams where there have been storms over his house and this latest storm dream involved hail. I know hail in the scripture always involves judgement and correction of some kind. The dream I had this week said that I have to wait the process. Once God says something it shall come to pass no man, devil, etc can stop it.
  4. Thank you for your prayers. I am standing by that what God has declared it shall come to pass. Can't wait to give you all a testimony.
  5. I started being shown Sept 2011 who God had promised would be my husband. It is someone that I have known for years. God has continued to show me that this is the family (he's divorced with a daughter) intends for me to marry. Right now we are on hold. I am waiting for God to do the final push to open his heart to come back to church. In the meantime I have been made aware that he is now seeing someone else. Has been for several months now. As you can imagine this is difficult for me since God has already given me a love for him. Knowing the promise does make it easier but the pain is still there. Since finding out I have been holding onto the fact that All things work together for my good. AMEN!! I have been praying that God would guard my heart to not allow doubt to creep in and just as important that God will soften this guy's heart to allow him to start hearing from God again. (he left church after his divorce) Please keep us in your prayers. P.S. I do believe God is working behind the scenes on this. There are other things going on with him too that I have been praying for. I work for the county and he was approached (and agreed) to run for County Board. I prayed that he would make the right decision. Since then alot of stink has transpired. He is also our IT person for the county and also assist in the elections. For obvious reasons he won't be allowed to work the election this year because of this. That's just part of the problem. On 5/15 I prayed that if we are going to eventually be together that if there would be a conflict down the road that it would be made clear to him and doors would close if they are suppose to be closed. He has till June 4th to file the papers. On 5/16 we found out that a lady whose husband works at the same IT place we contract with is running for another office. So there is yet another conflict of interest. On 5/17- A group of people yet again created a stink saying that he can't run for board because of his connection with the county. (I see their point--but the backstabbing him was uncalled for). I prayed once again that if they are creating this much stink about this what would they do if he was on County Board and I worked for County. Once again praying that God's Will will be done. I personally this entire time have felt that he shouldn't be running for Board. Now it's just to see what God wants. 5/17 is also when I found out about this other releationship. Talk about Satan pulling out all of the stops. Got news for him though. I'm onto you. I had this reminded to me today and I hope it will also help someone else here as well. "Distractions from Satan- Satan sends natuarl occurences to frustrate you spirtually to get you to abort your spiritual destiny. The minute God is about to do something. A demon manifests and stands in front of that word spoken over your life and that demon will manifest natural occurences to frustrate you to get you off of your focus so that what God spoke won't come to pass. Accusations and critisims are the final stage before spiritual promotion. You can always tell how blessed you are going to be tomorrow by how much Hell you are going through now" Talk about a word that I needed to be reminded of today.
  6. Just now stumbled upon this. I have had the same kind of thing happen to me many times. One thing I have learned and am still learning is what my pastor always says...."The closer you get to your miracle/breakthrough the more satan tries his best to stop you..so in other words the more things that come against you means you are close to seeing your breakthrough come to pass."
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