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  1. Thanks Cholette! I guess I was just looking for a "deeper" answer, when I was given it then. My husband was firm and not shakey when he said it so I should have just let it be. Thank you for praying for us!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey ya'll! Im looking for input about my in-laws, who by the way are Hindu and they may come to live but for sure visit for about 6months. They have a concern about their prayer and idol worshipping. My husband told them that because we are a Christian household we cant accept the shrine and idol statues in our house, but we cant stop them from praying...just no rituals. I for one feel uncomfortable with all of that in my home, but not them personally. I also think it would be good for them to go to a temple so they wont feel like we are surpressing their belief. The good thing is that God prophecied that He would save them and one has already been saved. So, what is the proper way to handle it as I have prayed and still feel like I have yet to recieve an answer!
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