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  1. I have a best friend. She decided to break things off. It's not a I hate you kind of thing. She's peacefully and kindly split ways with me. She does feel hurt. I know why she feels as she feels. I don't want her to feel that way. I want our friendship to be a good thing for her. I don't want her to go out of my life. We'd made a promise to be friends for life once and I don't wanna see this friendship end like this. Please pray we can reconcile and be victorious over this obstacle in our friendship.
  2. To Cholette. Thank you for praying. Any prayers for me are not against me. I would not call it offense but defense in my last email. I do appreciate yours and everyone else's prayers. My defensiveness is with good reason from my past. I feel a strong need to defend my ability to think and choose for myself as well as protect myself from the advice of most Christians. The reason is because I was raised by a family that essentially made all my decisions for me. Through several years of painful painful hardships including loss of my health, wealth and friends I had to learn to make my own choices and deal with life in general. My family shielded me from my life and their advice has been very very bad to my life. I no longer head them and defend my choices strongly because they all have an opinion and think they know best when what they've always said blows up in my face. I seek only one person for my choices and that is God. I used to throw out many fleeces but he no rarely give them to me now. That was what I saw in my dream, a symbol of a fleece in opening to the Bible twice. It was my way of letting God choose for me. Now I'm learning to choose by faith alone and not by what I see Him do. I'm in a vulnerable place there. Also I was in a very controlling church network for ten years. Because of some strange events in my life, including my healing and more they told me I was deceived and "the devil does miracles too." My best friend, also a lead deacon said these things to me. It was over a relationship. You see this church had authority to confirm who was and not meant to be together in God's will. You were to approach a leader and tell them who you were interested in. They went to the person you were interested in on your behalf. They would not say on whose behalf they came. They would ask the woman if God had put any one on their heart? If she said you then it was God's will you two were to be in a relationship since God put it on both of your hearts. If she said another person or no one at all then it was determined to not be God's will. They once arrested a woman I was interested in telling me she was not the one for me. They said she was demon posessed or influenced. They destroyed another relationship of mine by their influence and advice. So I am cautious of anyone I listen to today and protect myself. You mean well, but whether you meant it or not, when something comes across as TELLING me (in bold letters) what to do and especially when I don't know you, it makes me feel rather defensive. So thank you for praying for me. I will continue to wait, but because its my choice and seems the best thing to do. That's why I'm leaving her alone. Because chasing her puts her on the defensive. Chasing or pressuring me puts me on the defensive. So I'm expressing how it makes me feel rather than be defensive. Because that's what I need to do. Her I will not chase so she can choose for her own self. Thanks to all who pray. I'm leave this post be now.
  3. I do want to make one thing clear to all. When I ask for prayer its a neutral request. I am simply asking you to pray, not give a bunch of advice. While the advice given agrees with what I personally decided to do prior to the advice, I usually find most people's advice contradicts and everyone is simply giving their opinion. And the thing about opinions is everyone has one. I'd already decided to wait and only pray before all this. I am simply asking prayer. That's all. When someone asks me for prayer I do just that. I pray. I don't go interjecting my views because 1. I don't know you. 2. You don't know me. 3. So how can you be sure what you say is for me? Unless its a direct word from God?
  4. Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate your prayers. I can see in my life God has always done things to bring the people I pray to me. Just because I'm 37 does not mean I'm light year ahead of her. I've never married ever, I'm a virgin and I've never even been kissed by a woman in a relationship. I've endured a lot of suffering and trials to "grow up" because I've been with family the majority of my life. I had my own place and had to live with family again due to joblessness. Now I'm working again. But I am ahead in some areas like my desire to settle down and have companionship. All my life I've never let God do things. I've always tried to fix the problem. So this time for the first time I've decided to actually let her go and only pray. Just like you said, to let God do it. It's the one thing I never do and what I have to do. I had a dream a few weeks before I met her where I was listening to relationship series. I saw communion in church too. I wasn't in church, jobless and decided to start going to church again. So now I go to church. That's better. I have a job now, that's better. I'm listening to a christian relationship show and reading the books they recommend. I'm learning to communicate. That's getting better, slowly. I think our timing was bad. she's super busy and later when she's done with school....well that's for God to decide. So I'm gonna let God do this. Its hard and goes against my head sense but I think its the best choice because I know I can't make this happen. Fill in the blank, it could any person God ever brought me. This time I wait and just pray.
  5. Pray for me and Whitney. Whitney blocked my email. I don't feel I did anything worth doing that. But I understand where she is at too. I've blocked people before because I felt pressured by them and when I get pressured in the past I over reacted. I'm learning to not be that way and deal with things in a more healthy way. I regretted later cutting that person off and contacted them an apologized months later. The reason I want prayer for us is because of last night's dream. I prayed to God again for like the 11th or 12th time in 2 weeks to know His will about us. So far though we're out of touch these last 2 weeks now, I've dreamed of me and young woman and a wedding being prepped for the big day. I had seen a couple I did a wedding video for in real life in that dream. I saw myself with a young woman in that dream. I see all kinds of relationship dreams in response to my prayers. The thing is I'd decided between me and God I wouldn't mind a relationship in the long term with her. Well often my dreams come true but I never know which is real or just symbolic of my feelings etc. But last night again I dreamed two things. I saw myself take time alone to pray. So this morning I took extra time to pray just about her and will continue to pray about her. But also I saw something I do. I used to ask God more for signs and often I'd open to the passage of scripture I'd ask to open the bible too as a fleece. I used to get answers that way but lately no. So I'm having to learn to go on faith, not signs from God. That's fine. But in the dream I saw myself open in one bible to the last chapter of the book of Ruth. Then I took another Bible and also by chance it opened to the last chapter of the Book of Ruth. That is where Boaz who is older, marries younger Ruth. Now I'm 37 and she's 23. So do you see the symbolism there? I want prayer for both of us. I just pray every day and have faith some how God will work things out. We both have our issues. We've both been heavily abused. I like this young woman. She's extremely busy though. She didn't have time for me. I live in TX, she in Missouri. She's studying to be a nurse, has 24 credit hours in school, which is insane. And she has a 5 year old daughter. I was hanging on to this hope for someone else long gone when I met her. She too was 23. I feel God brought her to help me let go of this other person and to get to know her. But she was so stressed and I moved too fast. I was unemployed too. I have a new job now. I have a new church. So I was kinda wanting a bunch of time she didn't have. Its the dream that spurns me to ask for prayer. One dream where I prayed for God's will I saw my talking to a young woman on the phone. I was on break at work and in a call center. I just got hired at a call center. I think its her. I think she'll come back. In that dream I saw a bunch of people and everyone got what they wanted in a game played by a magician. I'm trusting I'll get what I wish too. I pray I have the heart she needs from me. Sorry so long but I felt like sharing the why part of this request.
  6. Hey. Thanks. Yeah figuring out symbols is the part that gets me going in circles. Also lots of snipits of my dreams are coming true. Like I was having dreams about God's will and two details have come true. So I'm like what else is true, what's not. You're right, I need to relax...I'll live longer. I can tell you this. I did dream last night. And if I took it at the basic level it portrayed a real and recent situation in my life not related to this situation I prayed but something similar yet worse before it. And in that situation I definitely did what I should not do. So in general I saw myself in that what NOT to do situation. So just taking things at the basic level that's what I got last night. But I'm still wondering and praying "OK what should I DO, if anything?" Thanks for praying. I'm gonna go chill.
  7. Ok I'm gonna ask for some specific prayer. I've been reading the dream interpretation 101 on this site. I have a ton of dreams that come true. I have lots of stuff that might be symbolic. I don't get a bunch of it, some I do. I want to have faith. I'm trusting and praying that God reveal this stuff to me. I am asking for prayer on this forum because there are not a lot of geniuses in Austin, TX about the prophetic ministry here. I don't know if you've ever been here but this town is as intellectual as it gets. And even the Christians are skeptics here. So I'm not counting on getting prayer from people who "get it" around here. You guys yeah, you get it. So pray for me about this: 1. I wanna know what certain symbols in my dreams mean. The ones I don't get I want to get. 2. I want to know what to do about it or not do about it. Be still. Act? 3. I need me some patience if I'm gonna do it right. Because I'm a hurry up type. But I'm learning patience Thank God. And faith too. I just started going to church again as well. Its getting better. I start a new job tomorrow 9/28 too. If you don't mind pray for that too. I don't wanna work Sundays when I get my permanent schedule. Thanks Steve
  8. I have many dreams about a young woman I have not seen for 4 years come true. The dreams are over all these years. I also have many dreams about places and get information about them. I've not been to these places and when I wake up I research them and find out the information is accurate. I don't know why I get this info or what to do with it. I also have a friend named Whitney. I had a dream about her. We kinda respectfully split but I'm hoping she'll change her mind about things and come back. I'm praying for her and our friendship. My first request for tonight 9/20/2011 is this. 1. I want to dream ,vividly, accurately from God about Whitney. I want to know his response to my prayers to reunite us. Last night I think I saw her for the first time in a dream and realized I've seen her months before I met her in other dreams because it was the same girl. So its possible my dreams foretold her arrival in my life. Now she's gone and that sucks. So pray tonight God speak to me about her only and our future. Seriously. 2. Tomorrow night 9/21/2011 I want prayers about the young woman and her mom I've dreamed of for 4 years now. My dreams about them come true. I need God to show me something, to talk to me and reveal mysteries about them and our relationship. As to what my role is with them, why I dream about them and get information that seems related but often stuff that I can't pin to them at all. Thanks for your prayers. I try reading God's word and praying about this so much but the answer eludes me. I can't hear the Spirit. I hear silence and the usual means of knowing his will for me are just not working. I'm blind here and I don't like it.
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