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Prayer about my dreams.

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I have many dreams about a young woman I have not seen for 4 years come true. The dreams are over all these years. I also have many dreams about places and get information about them. I've not been to these places and when I wake up I research them and find out the information is accurate. I don't know why I get this info or what to do with it.

I also have a friend named Whitney. I had a dream about her. We kinda respectfully split but I'm hoping she'll change her mind about things and come back. I'm praying for her and our friendship.

My first request for tonight 9/20/2011 is this.
1. I want to dream ,vividly, accurately from God about Whitney. I want to know his response to my prayers to reunite us. Last night I think I saw her for the first time in a dream and realized I've seen her months before I met her in other dreams because it was the same girl. So its possible my dreams foretold her arrival in my life. Now she's gone and that sucks. So pray tonight God speak to me about her only and our future. Seriously.

2. Tomorrow night 9/21/2011 I want prayers about the young woman and her mom I've dreamed of for 4 years now. My dreams about them come true. I need God to show me something, to talk to me and reveal mysteries about them and our relationship. As to what my role is with them, why I dream about them and get information that seems related but often stuff that I can't pin to them at all.

Thanks for your prayers.

I try reading God's word and praying about this so much but the answer eludes me. I can't hear the Spirit. I hear silence and the usual means of knowing his will for me are just not working. I'm blind here and I don't like it.

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