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  1. I had a dream that terrorists were coming up with sneakier ways to kill innocents. In the dream terrorists were coming up with devices on their belts and they even came up with a way where they could stick a device in their mouth. I saw a group of Islamic men talking amongst each other and one asked the leader if they were going to see each other in paradise. The leader responded, "probably not". I heard the leader telling the men that they need to eat a certain meat to "kill more people". I then saw myself in the police department and a police officer asked me, "so, what did God reveal to you now?" He didn't ask that in a mocking way; he was asking because he believed that God was revealing information in the dream. I saw myself handing coins to a woman who said that was surrendering countries in prayer because of the ruin terrorism will bring these countries. Please pray folks that the plots of these terrorists be exposed and thwarted!
  2. I had a dream once that I saw the temperature gage on my car was orange. I also saw that my engine was on fire. I also kept seeing an image in my head of my car being towed, but I prayed to God that it wouldn't turn out that way. Last week the head gasket on my car broke because my car had been overheating and the mechanic said it wasn't fixable because it had destroyed my engine. So I had been driving my mom's car to work as conveniently for me, my mom hasn't needed the car. Unfortunately, I haven't listened to my parents advice and haven't saved that much money to buy a new car. So I have a couple thousand dollars saved but that isn't enough to buy a car that is low on miles and relatively brand new. I just ask that you guys please pray that God shows grace and mercy to me by giving me a financial blessing to buy a brand new car. Right now we are interested in buying me a 2013 Honda Fit with 14,000 miles and that is currently on sale. But I would like a financial blessing from God. Thanks ! Also pray for God's strength for me in spending my money wisely!! I love you all!
  3. I just realized this dream doesn't apply to that client I was telling you about but this dream is actually in reference to an assisted living place where another client of mine lives. There is a guy that works there that had been flirting with me a lot but I came to realize that he had a long term girlfriend while he was flirting with me. I have been trying to stay distant from him. The dead give away I received which told me this dream was about him Was the pregnant woman. A woman working there is heavily pregnant like signified in the dream so I know it's about him. As for the murder/strangulation thing, I don't believe it's literal. It's probably symbolic of their relationship problems. And for the camera/taking a picture symbol, God was probably telling me that he has insight on me (I believe that is what cameras and photos symbolize?!). The more I learn about dreams and symbols, the more easily I understand my dreams and what God is telling me. I have had two other dreams pertaining to this guy.
  4. I need some major intercession prayer, folks. Satan is getting me in a little pickle. I actually had a dream of me at a job. My male boss told himself in his head that he was in love with me; that he wanted to somehow get his wife out of the way and marry me. He was always trying to make me smile. There was a scene in the dream in which I was looking for jobs on the computer and I heard my male boss coming in to the room. I didn't want him to know that I was looking for another job, so I freaked out and sat down on the couch, pretending to do nothing. He didn't suspect a thing; he just took his camera and insisted that I smile. The next scene was particularly disturbing: he strangled his wife to death because he wanted to marry another woman: me. My male boss in the dream showed up to work when he wasn't working and there was an image of a pregnant woman. In my.dream I heard a voice saying I would face persecution in this situation. Later in the dream I was running in my hometown trying to escape this huge giant spider that was ruling over a part of my hometown. At that point this male boss of mine was trying to figure out where I lived. IRL: this dream was literal. I started noticing that parts of this dream were coming to play in my real life. I work with individuals who have disabilities and this one particular man I work with has cerebral palsy. other than the cerebral palsy, this man is like the rest of us. I have noticed this man ogling me several times, from looking at my chest to my lips. He hasn't made any direct moves on me, but I just know he's attracted to me. There was one day I was mentioning something and then I was su the dddenly freaking out because I didn't want him to know I was trying to look for another job. that was when I remembered this dream and realized this dream is coming to pass. I instinctively knew this male boss in the dream symbolizes my client who has the power to get me fired. PLEASE PRAY. My client told me yesterday how much he hated his current living situation with his wife and how he recently went to go see a lawyer to try to get a divorce. The lawyer couldn't do anything about my clients situation. When my client told me this, I told him to think rationally and don't do anything rash with his current situation. PLEASE PRAY. I realized yesterday as I went home that this dream was coming to pass. Please pray for me and that God gives me the courage and strength to do what is righteous. This man is thinking about murdering his wife and I know from the dream that he would hurt me too. Satan is concocting an ugly plan for me right now. Please pray. God bless you. also pray that God blesses me with another job. I am trying so hard to get another job(not just for this drama). Also pray that God protects me from false accusations. I know in the Bible it states, 'anyone that divorces his wife.and marries another clothes himself in violence' so I know this situation is not good.
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