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  1. I'd like some advice. I've read about soul ties, and usually I hear about them as manifesting as either sinful, lustful, or controlling or co-dependent relationships. For years I've experienced guilt about how I feel about the people I pray for. Most of them I don't know, don't know very well, or don't have contact with any more. When I pray, it is all about that person's relationship with God and my NEED to see him glorified in their worship of him. However, I do find that this is a NEED in the sense that I cannot be happy without it. This makes me feel like I am in sin because that person's relationship with God becomes as important to me as if it were my own. If this is an example of a sinful soul tie, how can I proceed to pray for them and urgently desire their salvation without it becoming this way? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi. Something really special to me inexplicably disappeared and I haven't seen it years. Please pray that God will return my lost item to me! It really means a lot. Thanks!
  3. God is amazing! Thanks for praying. But after a BIG SCARE he turned out faithful AS ALWAYS and everything turned out just like he said!!! Wow!!!
  4. I'd really appreciate some prayer. Without going into the specifics, in the next couple of weeks I am going to find out for sure whether or not something is true that I was told by someone close to the situation was true and desperately want to be. It involves something I prayed about for many years. Before and after the incident, I had several dreams that I really believed were from God that very clearly said that this fact was true and I THOUGHT God used to comfort me in a really sad time, in addition to being told it was by a credible individual. So if it turns out not to be true, it's going to really shake my faith in my ability to hear God and my whole relationship with him. It's scary, so I could really use prayer. Thanks! And if you have any word for me, let me know. ~Stephanie
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