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  1. I had an accident in my car on the street that I live on. I have lived here for over 10 years and never had an accident. I hit a neighbor parked car. I tried to stop my car but I couldn't so I tried to swerve it and hit his driver side. His car has a dent. My car sustained all damage. I jumped out the car and started crying. Another neighbor ran to see if I was ok and got the neighbor whose car I hit. He came out angry. I was extremely devastated. I apologized tremendously but nothing would work with neighbor. I called police and explained that I couldn't stop. I told them that I had just had brake work done. Neighbor never asked was I ok, didn't care. His wife came home screamed at me about the car. I again apologized. She talked about his car. This morning all my neighbors are joking about how could I hit a parked car and what's wrong with me? I explained I couldn't stop and I gave him all my insurance and it would be fixed I feel like a fool. I can't stop crying.
  2. I'm in a training to be certified today in a difficult topic. Yesterday I felt that I did not demonstrate all I know and understand through fear of. This certification is important to my current position and I really need a ready status cause I am ready. Just would like prayers for strength and thinking fast in my feet. I know I can do it and I know I understand and I know that fear doesn't come from GOD. I am trying to move into a leadership role. Thanks again!
  3. My nephew is 19 and heavy smoker of marijuana. His name is Nick. He came home yesterday and told his parents that they would be dead tomorrow because he now understands their connection with government. My niece is texting me. I have contacted other family to assist with the direction to take and how to keep the parents and family safe all the while leaning on GOD for divine protection and the covering of the blood of Jesus. Please pray!
  4. I just finished jury duty today. A very hard trial in which I stayed prayed up. I tried very hard to get out of sitting in the jury. I was very honest about all my family members who work in the legal field so that I would not be polled. Out of 74 people interviewed, 14 were selected for this trial and I was one of them. The trial was to determine if an argument between strangers should have resulted in a death. The decedent was killed trying to be a Good Samaritan to someone he didn't know and we had to determine self defense or not. I even prayed to be an alternate and be removed but I did not prevail. The trial ended today and based upon the info given we had to make a decision. We chose guilty but also thought he didn't mean to do it. I had a peace while on trial cause every day I was asking God what do I do? But now I'm tormenting myself as to how much time he will get? Will his family retaliate against the 12 jurors? I'm scared for my son, daughter and my self. My head hurts and my stomach is sick. I'm upset cause I never wanted to sit on this but they ask if you can be fair and I said yes but that's before they tell u what it is. Please pray for me and my family for the peace and grace of God. I prayed for the gentleman that the court would be lenient in his sentence. And that all present would learn from this situation
  5. Great advice to me. I appreciate it! Thsnks for touching and agreeing
  6. My son is a great son. Never had any real problems with him. He normally listens and he is growing into a man. Lately I have been having a lot of dreams about him so I have been praying considerably more since he came home for college break. Since he came home he has been moping around as if something is wrong. I've tried to reach out to him but he is resistant which concerns me. Yesterday night he and I had a scare. Around 3 am , two young men knocked on my door and one claimed to be dropping the other off. One stated that he was dropping Mohammed off and I stated Mohammed doesn't live there. The other guy seemed drunk and he never talked. They left after I stated he didn't live her. Well in all of my 7 years living here this has never happened. My son states he doesn't no them or why they came by our house.i had never seen them before. I did pray and God did say fret not for evil doers for they will be cut off and wither away. Unfortunately I couldn't sleep after that. I was up all morning and even now, I'm watching through my windows and praying. I'm very concerned because I live alone and my son is adamant that he has no clue what's going in. I believe him despite feeling y is this happening. Please pray for our protection both spiritually and naturally. Please believe with me if this was random, or intent that God would reveal and uncover the plot. And tell me what to do for my son and myself. Thank you!
  7. Is there anything to hard for God? No. I believe strongly in the power of agreement and I'm asking the saints to pray along with me that the Holy Spirit would give my daughter wisdom on how to breast feed and what are the better positions for her. She believes this is the healthiest way to way for her baby and I agree but I also think the enemy is using her inability to get her baby to breast feed everyday as a form of failure when it is not. So I'm asking for God to help her by wisdom, revelation and knowledge. Prayer for the newly wed couple - Ash and Terence to stay united and bonded in a healthy and living way as they build their family Healing to my daughter for her lower back area and a little swelling from her delivery Thank you!
  8. I'm a empty nester and by that I mean my daughter got married last year and had a baby 3 days ago and my son is a freshman in college. I'm visiting my daughter and new baby and coming to a realization that I'm lonely and in need of a life. I'm seeking God for guidance on helping me with a new career path. I've been working in my company for 8 years in training and all the people we train (meaning leadership) is complain and say very rude things about us. God has sustained me and I'm appreciate; however, the fire is again under us and change is good but I'm wondering if the Father is saying move. I did obtain my Bachelors and will be starting my masters in Nov. but I'm finding myself frustrated and a sense of not again. I also don't want to drive my kids crazy with worry with my daughter being a new mom. She is going to need help!!!!!!just need prayer for her. She is 28 and needs patience, joy, endurance. Her husband will be working next week. Just need God to give me peace and a door of opportunity for a new job, help my kids and help me not drive them crazy through me missing them and worrying about new baby. Just feel overwhelmed!!!
  9. My daughter delivered a 7 pound, 13 ounce baby boy on Sept8th. I was also able to be there with her. God is such a on time God and I am so ever grateful.
  10. Prayer for my daughter who is 9 months pregnant and due on Monday. Prayer for safe delivery for her and baby. This is her first baby that everything go well and that God would be with her and her husband. I have grave concerns as a grand mother. My daughter has dropped considerably and her doctor wants to wait until baby due date which is Monday but still keeps telling my daughter that she doesn't have to be seen on Monday. I have had 2 pregnancies both my daughter and her brother. Both of my children came early. My daughter was a premie and my son was delivered in my eighth month. Both of my children were delivered after water broke. My concern is her cousin that was due on same day and her doctor performed a c-section today and my daughter doctor is like go home and walk it out. I have prayed for understanding as a grandma but it makes no sense to me and now I'm worried about my daughter and the baby. My daughter and I live states away from each other do in order for me to get to her, I have to catch a plane. My daughter is 2 cm and 80 percent effacing; been this way since last week. She needs peace of mind and so do I. We are trusting God
  11. To God be all the Glory!!!! Test results came back normal and its a boy! Thank you for your prayers! We exalt You, Oh Lord!!
  12. Praise report for the blood test - Harmony test results back - negative for all the chromosomal abnormalities Still waiting to hear back from tissue test. Thanks everybody
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