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  1. Hi Cholette, I hope God's perfect will is done in this situation and your colleague undergoes a spiritual transformation and recognizes her wrongdoings. Blessings for your humility. Random: It's so interesting how this topic popped back up. My name is Jasmine, but yesterday one of my colleagues called me Jezebel because they said they liked that name and want to name their daughter that. Simply said, I was taken by surprise. I am sure my facial expression said it all. I told them I denounce and reject that name and asked them if they knew what the name means. They said they want their daughter to be a man-magnet. I just really didn't know what else to say except asking them nicely not to call me that. If they bring it back up tomorrow, after lecture I am thinking of pulling them to the side and sharing 1 Kings and 2 Kings and proposing other names like Jewel or Joy.
  2. Thank you Mark and Cholette! I am unsure if he is saved and a believer or not, but I am starting to feel God may want me to set a Christian example to him by me maintaining Godly character. I also feel it was a check for me to re-evaluate a few things about myself.
  3. One day after class last week, me and a couple people from class were talking about a powerpoint presentation. I looked over it the night before, but while browsing through that night I stopped at one slide because there was a picture the author posted to depict how a professional man should dress. I know this may be offensive, but in my opinion I had a thought the male models looked kind of gay (sorry!) So when me and the two other people were discussing the powerpoint, we came to that exact slide. One classmate, female, who sat next to me said the male models looked sexy. I said oh no, they look..... (blank) I wanted to say they looked gay, but I couldn't get the word out; it was like my mouth was muted. Before I was about to say gay, I had a slight quickening feeling, sort of like a small adrenaline rush and my senses felt very alert. From the corner of eye I saw my other classmate, male, who we were also talking with and remembered he was gay, or thought to be by others. All of this occurred within milliseconds. I then said ummm.... they look ... they just need belts, they're not even wearing belts! They didn't even notice what I was originally going to say. I left class thanking God for guarding my words because there's no telling how deeply I would have hurt that guy's feelings. I would have felt horrible every other time I saw him. Sometimes you just don't know how badly words hurt others. I am so grateful that God brought that to my attention beforehand. Psalm 141:3 Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.
  4. Hi all, I'm glad I came upon this post. I wonder if I am having a bout with this Jezebel spirit. Please read as follows and share thoughts. One of my friends was telling me about her ex-roommate who was verablly abusive and made her feel oppressed and inferior. When asked if she did anything about it, when defending herself, ex-roomie basically shut her back down. I thought that was just horrible as I could not put up with that from anyone, much less a roommate. I even started to get slightly angry because my friend is genuinely nice and warm-hearted girl, but I always know there are two sides to a story so I was not quick to jump on her bandwagon. It was a shocker for me because I know her ex-roomie and never noticed these actions from the girl. So although my friend was telling me all these bad things ex-roomie did, I knew not to have a biased opinion because I haven't seen it for myself. Do you know what I mean? The thing that confused me is that my friend still communicates with her ex-roomie, like shopping and catching lunch. I thought hey, maybe they're better off just as friends and not living living together. Because otherwise, why would you tell me about how horrible a person treats you then hang out with them, you know? Because I thought everyone was cordial, I invited my friend, the ex-roomie, and another girl to a basketball game (the other girl was actually the new roomie when my friend moved out. But the new girl moved out for other issues). My friend and the new girl (they both know each other by the way) talked to each other mostly. I felt bad for ex-roomie because she just sat there. So I spoke to make conversation. My friend and new girl left early because new girl was tired. New girl and I texted later that night, and apparently she and ex-roomie weren't getting along. I apologized because I had no idea since a week or two ago everyone seemed okay. She said she and ex-roomie are civil only when ex-roomie needs a favor. Does this sound like the ex-roomie has Jezebel spirit? Initially I felt bad for ex-roomie because my friend says all these things that I don't see. I felt like giving her a chance, but after reading these posts I wonder if I should keep my distance.
  5. Aww, thank you so much everyone for your prayers! All of the carpools arrived back safely!
  6. I have a prayer request for safety as I ride with my club members to a meeting five hours away. I will be riding with 6 other people in an Expedition. I pray that our Lord Heavenly Father watches over us and protect us from any mishaps that could possibly occur during our stay and our travels to and from the meeting. In Jesus name, amen.
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