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  1. I've found you guys!!!! After all these years of searching, I've finally found a forum that knows what I’ve experienced. sword&scepter - I've had the same experience. Me and a friend of mine were praying together with both of our hands locked in each other’s. We prayed for about 10 15 minutes and before I knew it I started speaking in tongues. I would say another 5 or 10 minutes later I was in the midst of this, what I believed to be a white cloud. I couldn't touch it but I was in it and there was this echoing sound of vases shattering (I say vases because it didn't sound like glass but more like ceramic shattering). The sound was AMPLIPHIED – and sounded as if it was coming from within me because it totally consumed my hearing and I couldn’t hear myself praying in tongues anymore. All I could hear was the sound of shattering vases and the only thing I could see was being in the midst of the white cloud. I have been trying to find someone that had experienced something similar. The person I was praying with at the time said she didn’t see anything and she said she stood and watched me as I prayed in tongues said she didn’t hear or see anything else. I knew I wasn’t crazy and I knew it came from God but I just didn’t understand it. To this day I fluently speak in tongues, I could be worshipping, praying or just talking to Jesus and there I go. I LOVE IT!!! I just need more direction and guidance on how to use it and what I should be doing. Thanks everyone!
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