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  1. New York teens diagnosed with 'mass psychogenic illness' Published January 20, 2012The Wall Street Journal Print Email Share For several months, a group of teenage girls in upstate New York have been suffering from a mysterious ailment: twitching and verbal tics similar to those seen in Tourette’s patients, but with no apparent organic cause. Environmental tests have turned up nothing, according to the Le Roy Central School District. A physician with the New York State Department of Health told NBC News that infectious and communicable diseases have also been ruled out. The diagnosis: “mass psychogenic illness,” or MPI, according to neurologist Laszlo Mechtler, vice president of Dent Neurologic Institute, which has treated 11 of the girls. In MPI, physical symptoms that are perfectly real but that have psychological roots rather than some underlying organic cause appear in a group of people, often spreading from one to the next. When stress or anxiety manifest as physical symptoms — including twitching, paralysis or other loss of function — in an individual, it’s called a conversion disorder, Mechtler tells the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog. But when it happens to many people at one time, it crosses into the realm of MPI, he says. Usually that happens when there’s a report or fear of a chemical exposure, toxin or virus — and suddenly people at a school or factory are coughing, sneezing, reporting dizziness or fainting. The symptoms are believed to arise from emotional reactions to underlying stresses. “These girls are suffering from disabling symptoms,” says Mechtler. “But the issue at hand is that they aren’t caused by a tumor, stroke, infection, drug” or other organic or environmental factor. I don't know what this is about but I'm sure the enemy is lurking nearby this unfourtunate situation... When I saw this young lady on the news last night something evil came to mind and a strange presence tried to enter the room. I don't know what exactly they've been exposed to but they need our intercession anyway.. But I'm just wondering if some sort of curse has been placed on them? Saints I suggest we proceed with caution allow the Holy Spirit to guide and His mighty angels to act as He directs. Let's pray these girls to health & salvation... But make sure we wear our armor.
  2. Thank you so much ladies, yes it's all still a mystery but I know when my spirits reached the realms of the Lord because when it's not I'll see stuff that totally out of the realm of the enemy..
  3. Greetings all & Merry Christmas, When I'm praying after awhile I'll start to see a white sorta smoke or something unlike a white that I've ever seen, it's sometimes milky white or very bright. Sometimes as I'm praying I could begin praying for a certain person or group, area, etc; and then the mist will begin to swirl, twist, & move around a lot then I will begin to shake & speak in tounges. Also sometimes I can just lie down to rest and then I'll begin to shake, see bright lights, & sometimes visions just recently I laid down to rest & this phenomenome began to take place I closed my eyes & within 30 seconds I saw the brightest white clouds in a beautiful blue sky & then I giant man who was made of air, water, & clouds but at the same time was transparent.. I could see him but see right through him. He kinda leaned from behind a huge cloud, then pointed at me, opened his hand & out came a group of circle shaped rays or something then I began to shake & speak in tongues. Does anyone else see mist, colors, or color combination's while praying or lying down? Just curious, Juan. Happy Holidays
  4. LOL, Thank you sweetie, & it was a lite hearted attempt at humor on my side... I should've put up one those smiley things.. (smile)
  5. Oooh Kaaay.... Do you her by last name? Did you are going to pray for her?
  6. Hello all, I would like prayer for my walk with the Lord I would like to become more discilplined in my study time & quiet times with him. Also I need a change in my finances "Greatly" as I have a hill of debt to get over & haven't worked for a month. Please pray for my friend E.N., she battles with MS and emotional & mental issues that " I think are surrounded by anger, unforgiveness & double mindedness. Please pray for her as she admittely claims to have struggles with her faith & walk. Thank you so much..
  7. Yes I'll kkep you in prayer. Father god in the name of your son Jesus, I thank you for my sister in Christ & ask that you send your mighty warrior angles to stand watch in front,back,roof & inside of her home. Please send the holy spirit to touch the heart of her son please convict his heat & let him have an encounter with you. I ask that you speak to the heart of my sister and let her travail in the spirit for her walk with you, salvation for her family, & the walls of protection for & her loved ones personal safety. In the name of Jesus please change the heart of her ex, move in his life, break deliver loose & set him free from anger, hate, bitterness, strife, disapointment, envy, jealosy, & spite. In the name of Jesus Christ break the genrational habits, personalities, familiar spirits, & demonic spoken words over the lives of the father & son in the mighty name of Jesus amen & amen.
  8. Thank you Nina, that touches my heart... (smile)
  9. Thanks LTWJ, I will keep you lifted as well.. May God bless you with the desires of your heart.
  10. Thank you sooo much Ja; for taking the time to pray for me.
  11. Hello all, I'm asking for prayer in my career & that I get work & lot's of it being that I'm an independant contractor... Also I am seeking to find my wife & would like to eliminate the counterfits in the process of meeting new sisters in Christ. Thanks, Juan
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