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  1. please continue to pray this goes away it hasn't stopped yet
  2. fortunately no ringing or change of vision but it's this constant vibration and feeling of wooziness i feel nauseous
  3. please pray this weird feeling of pressure, light-headedness, and dizziness in my head, neck, and face go away i've never felt this before it started happeninging 4-5 days ago and hasn't gone away i fell out of an attic a month ago at my part-time job and hurt my ribs my ribs healed up though and i only had bumped my head slightly i felt nothing significant with my head then, i just had a slight bump i was wearing a hard hat @ the time
  4. praying your marriage is restored
  5. pray i pass this Math final i got this week i've been in my summer semester with English and Math and i've been stressed out this entire semester these two courses have been annoying
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