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  1. SirDoom

    All lights on Becky.

    Cheesy love songs everybody! Cheesy love songs!
  2. SirDoom

    Mains log.

    Just making a post to keep some log of old main worlds, when they've been turned into Main(insert number) to keep some track of them incase some people want to find their old builds from back in time when they were novices, and some other info. Please add info upon wipes. Main40 archived on 2012/04/19 Main41 loaded 2012/04/24, archived on 2012/04/24, tested as "guest" Main42 loaded 2012/04/24, archived on 2012/05/01, further testing of main as guest Main43 loaded 2012/05/01, archived on 2012/05/18, according to lostie guest and main work just about the same Main44 loaded 2012/05/18, archived on 2012/06/04, Main45 loaded 2012/06/04,
  3. is it just me or does lostie's pictures posts fail hard?
  4. SirDoom

    Computer Fried

    "I used to be a minecrafter like you, but then I got a melted peecee."
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