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  1. i take it u like to chew on ur wires ? <.< I do eat a lot of stuff. (mostly chips) But I don't eat Mah wires. The rats do. >.> You have rats? <.<
  2. I remember that one time you never came. I cried. You are no Pizza Delivery man to me.
  3. It's not... not how it... I can... Explai... *jumps into local sun*
  4. Still up for tomorrow Demon? I have that nice room ready for you with all the added extras including whi... You'll see
  5. Omfg! Hollow. I think I just fell in love with you.
  6. Well, first is first. You asked. Bad move. Secondly, the decision isnt yours to ask to make. If they feel you worthy, they will trial you. If not then not.
  7. TheLostDarkness

    I'm quitting.

    Frogger, He couldnt handle your frogness and was forced to leave :'(
  8. TheLostDarkness

    I'm quitting.

    I thought you meant Aitm itself D: But if you be on classic I don't mind
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