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Posts posted by lilmissbeltran

  1. Hi i'm new here!Smile
    I just wanna thank PSFC for making this site because with this we can make new friends with each other:D

    Can't wait till my birthday it's on sunday and it's Valentine's and Chinese New Year!Laughing
    5 more days till my birthday yay!\congratulations/

    Wishlist: Lots of :pinkjello:'s , 's , cash and Bouncies! Smile

  2. Hi! I'm Diane and i'm a certified pet society addict!
    Thanks for making this site cause I LOVE checking on spoilers and joining fun competitions here. With this we can also learn how to communicate with other people:)

    Wishlist: Lots of :pinkjello:'s , 's , cash and Bouncies! Smile

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