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  1. i am popping in to say hello, it has been a while and although i have not been here for awhile i do miss you all very much. i miss talking to you all and never seem to be on at the same time as you all. Maybe one day i will come to visit and someone will be here ? i have been down in the dumps for a few months now and am slowly coming back to my old self but i fear it will be awhile yet bare with me as i have gone through this before and i always come out of it lol i will be going to the cabin in the couple of weeks and because i love it there so much i know i will feel better when i come back , nature always brightens me up . the trees will soon be in full color and the frost on the ground make the most beautiful shapes my morning walks are always such a pleasure My hubbie bought me a new camera and i hope to take some wonderful pictures . i know i have been rambling on , but i felt that i just needed to talk , sorry anyways , i hope to catch up to you all soon take care xoxox
  2. armellproctor

    Welcome to C&G

    just popping in to say hello xoxox
  3. dropping in to say hello, is that squirrel i see ??
  4. dropping in to say hello xoxo
  5. hello , i am back, but i don't know for how long, sometimes i get in and most of the time i don't i just got home from my trip to the cabin and a fantastic two weeks it was, but there were wild fires all around us and the smoke was really bad but we managed to get to the lake a lot and got the dirt and ash off of us and felt refreshed. the fires were not close enough to get too worried but the thought was on my mind when we left that we may not have a cabin when we return . oh well, we can always start tenting it again if we have to lol i hope you are all well and i do miss you all so very much. i hope i can get back in again when someone is around, please take care xoxo
  6. okay i guess i should go to bed it's 2:04 am here and the eyes are drooping lol i will try again later xxxxooooxxxx
  7. i am doing good thank you, i was just brushing my dogs and the ferret lol what a job lol
  8. hello Bee it has been so long how are you sweetie
  9. as usual i have missed everyone lol
  10. hey sweetie, thank you , and my thoughts will be with you on wednesday please take care xoxo
  11. hello everyone xoxo i have been missing our nightly chats i hope you are all well
  12. hello my Dear Dear friends, just wanted to let you know the my PC did a loud pop and now every thing is back to normal lol don't know what happened but what ever it was worked the main point is that i am now able to come back here
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