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  1. Hi, i have geisha mask for a blue versailles bed. I'll send first
  2. And also selling Ruby Red jacuzzi, Fox Plushie and Pink Jalisco set
  3. Hi, im selling these rares:- 1- Omg Painting 2- Lucky Cat 3- Luscious Lip Lounger 4-Noir Curtains x 2 5- Yellow Princess Dress Offer please
  4. Hi, im selling a fox plushie. Please offer in 4999s ( admiral jackets only ) or Cashcoins. Thankyou
  6. Hi, i will tomorrow buy a fawns merry go round ( 12 cc) from the forum. Can you tell how 4999s will it be 12 = ____ 4999???? iM NOT BUYING RIGHT NOW, JUST ASKING
  7. owee97

    Selling CC

    Im a new arrival here so i dont have much 4999s
  8. owee97

    Selling CC

    Hi, 12 cc for 20*4999 ( can it be) i need them tomorrow for the 12 cc deers merry go round
  9. 2nd!, hmmmmm... gud spoilers but the theme is not that much gud. Its true that u ppl are the first ones to giv out spoilers
  10. i like the new green dino plushie and the magnificient mystery box
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