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  1. Tell me the price, I can pay with 999 or 3333 =) And of course, I can send first too.
  2. I can pay in 999 or 3333 Tell me the price of the Magic Pixie Wings. As you know, you can find them in the enchanted forest I can send first too!!
  3. I will add it right now. I was absent for a long, long time
  4. Well, yes, i'm back. Everything here seems to be exactly like some months ago, nice!!! I'm selling now the new mystery boxes items. They're: Pink Kite Hula Dancer Plushie Swan Rubber Ring My price: one set only for 7x999. You can ask for more quantity, max sets for one person: 2. Thanks you!!
  5. Now I need some Spring Eggs. They're so cute. People who have me in your friends list, send me to SOFI. And for other people who havent got me, I will add you THANKSSSS!!!!!
  6. Hi all, Kasi they have added more levels in Farmtown if you haven't checked it out in awhile. Plus you can make $$ from animals, which I thought was nice. If anyone needs another neighbor just send a friend request to me. Always helps to have extra neighbors. I added you!
  7. Added, hun. {and with note, lol} Now I need just gold, thanks
  8. A few days ago I finished my mansion. It looks great, I love it! And I also got the Spring Pond. Now i'm looking for GOLD, I have 55 gold and I'm looking for Lucky Fontain. Cost: 75 gold. Or, if i'm lucky, Shamrock Castle. Cost: 100 gold. So please, help me! *People that have me in there friends list, please, send me to SOFI. Not to Meredith's Shop. Ok? *For who doesn't have me in there friends list, I will add you from my "personal" and real account where I have farmville. Thanks.
  9. Hello Farmville friends! I need some materials (they're not a lot) and I need gold too. This is what I want now: Some gold for a Shamrock Castle or Lucky Foutain. (i'm sure that we can!) THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! For people that have me in his/her friends list, send it to SOFI. Ok? Thanks, again. And for people that don't have mme in his/her friends list: I will add you from my Farmville and "personal" account. So just tell me if you can help me!
  10. I will add you from my "personal" and farmville account, okies? Thanks however ^^
  11. hey buddy i will add you cause i need some mansion materials
  12. Say the same thing. I guess that it will be a dog or another pet
  13. Thanks sweetie omm.. now i'm looking for: - Chickens - Gold Pieces - Cows new! So if someone from here can help me with them, plz, tell me, so I will add you from my "real" or private account - lol.
  14. Heeey, I can help u with that i'm looking for gold too. i will send u a f/r, ok?
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