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  1. for the Philippines.. the new items will be out on Mondays 8am =)
  2. im a little bit lost in gmt.. =) hello everyone.. =) can we post now? =)
  3. but if i click the link.. it requires me to log in again.. what should i see in the page? =)
  4. thank you mr.steve for the lovely fairy and mystery eggs!!! =)
  5. thank you very much Mr. Steve! really thank you! more power to you!
  6. Good Day! Good Afternoon! Good evening! Hello world =) thank you for putting up this awesome thread!! my humble wishlist is: 1.panda doll 2.tree stained glass painting 3.elegant iris (the plant) 4.elegant calla lily (the plant) 5.fairy tale mystery egg 6.bbq grill 7.vintage metal trunk not in store: 1.owl doll ( i dont have one yet) 2. dodecahedron lantern(is my spelling correct? =)) 3.gold star perfume 4.clown balloon thank you very much for the opportunity!! =) my info's are name: marianne m. pet name: Skip pet level: 32 fb link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=550709135&ref=profile a wish granted! add me via Facebook, Please put your forum username in the message (otherwise it will be declined!)
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