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  1. I did not read through everyone's post, but if it is still available I would like the little robot from the digging game. Also, some of the old cobwebs. thank you very much for giving your items away when you stopped playing
  2. Lucky you... I'm still trying to find the big fancy one with a bow on all 4 of my accounts... I'm tired of looking and getting "sorry, you've already claimed this egg" when I haven't... hmpf!
  3. Thanks! I wondered about that
  4. Hi Gaia! Can I get the wishing well and bluebird please? Thanks so much for this give-a-way!!
  5. Does anyone already have the fairy? I want to see what she looks like
  6. Here are my ideas... 1) Friend Request (the number 1 beside it (like when you get a friend request) 2) New Pet (puppy) 3) Neighbor (house) 4) Friend (?) 5) Awesome Pet (shooting star) 6) PSFC BFF (heart) 7) Kewl Pet (?) 8.) Super Pet (?) 9) PSFC Family (group) 10) PSFC Fanatic (?)
  7. I would like 5 sets for 6x4999 - does that work for you?
  8. to anyone who joined petville.... I would love to be gifted the 5 new dolls they came out with... they are free to gift to your friends and each one is only available for one day only....
  9. Betty1

    New Lottery!

    the most I have won on the new lottery is 300... but mostly I get 50 and below
  10. why not divide it up evenly at least ... half rubbish/half 999 this week and the other half of each next. and the clearance items... I bought them when they were on clearance... I don't want them in the MB..ugh!
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