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  1. Ahhh.... I dont have any 5999s... would 3x3333 + 2x999 work? And im refering to that epic ghost that flys around your room.
  2. My friend is kindof quiting PS, and he offered me some items. Among them a mayor doll. Ive never seen it before. is is worth anything to people on here?
  3. Ok, I added you. Ill send items ASAP.
  4. Ok, sounds good. Is the ninja mask really worth 3333? Seems like alot. Unfortunately I can't send right now because my wifi is down, im on my phone, but I'll send them asap. Edit: what's the pirate shirt? I don't think I have anything specifically labeled pirate shirt. I don't wanna send you the wrong item. Also do you have a cute ghost toy? I'm looking for one.
  5. Hai, I'm looking for the Cute Ghost toy. I don't know how much it's worth, but maybe like 10000 dollars? If that's not enough tell me. Thankz! Supalolcat
  6. Yea, 999 works. Im sending em' right now, thx for buying ^^
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