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  1. Ahhh.... I dont have any 5999s... would 3x3333 + 2x999 work? And im refering to that epic ghost that flys around your room.
  2. My friend is kindof quiting PS, and he offered me some items. Among them a mayor doll. Ive never seen it before. is is worth anything to people on here?
  3. Ok, I added you. Ill send items ASAP.
  4. Ok, sounds good. Is the ninja mask really worth 3333? Seems like alot. Unfortunately I can't send right now because my wifi is down, im on my phone, but I'll send them asap. Edit: what's the pirate shirt? I don't think I have anything specifically labeled pirate shirt. I don't wanna send you the wrong item. Also do you have a cute ghost toy? I'm looking for one.
  5. Hai, I'm looking for the Cute Ghost toy. I don't know how much it's worth, but maybe like 10000 dollars? If that's not enough tell me. Thankz! Supalolcat
  6. Yea, 999 works. Im sending em' right now, thx for buying ^^
  7. Thx, good luck with the candy collecting! And thx for the bear! Its cute.
  8. Im pretty new, so I dont know prices to well, but that cat at J2 caught my eye. How much would it cost?
  9. xD kittehz pwn. My cat does that to me when I'm on the computer. And she sits on my head.
  10. Hai! Do you want to be friends on facebook?
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