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  1. Thread Closed! Got it! ********************** I would like to trade for this wig please: I offer 5x5999 per cc so 35x5999. Is this an ok rate? Hope I can find a seller. Thanks for looking! Have a great day, noon, or night!
  2. Oh no That was all I needed! While I was waiting, I got a bar already! The windows a friend gifted them. Thank you though! And good luck in selling everything you have left!!
  3. rosy ball gown rosy shoes rosy ribbon rosy bracelet 2 windows black bar counter Hmm, would you take 1x5999 & 3x3333 & 3x999 for all this?
  4. Awesome stuff!! How much for the racoon costume, mr.smee outfit, black oversized glasses, and the rosy ballgown, shoes, ribbon, and bracelet, and bunny ribbon ears, lovely windows (2 and individual), black bar, and the princess crown? May I have individual prices and together? I just hope to afford at least one item!
  5. Sorry for not making it clearer Computron. I meant that I would either trade my little prince for the princess & the pea or that I would purchase the princess and the pea for 7x5999. I already got the princess set and sent it to her along with the prince bundle. Thank you though for at least being interested. Have an awesome weekend!
  6. Hi everyone! My friend gave me her prince bundle to sell as she has a girl pet and is missing the Princess and the pea bundle. If you don't want to do a 1:1 trade, I offer 7x5999 for Princess and the Pea bundle. Thanks for checking my thread out. Have a lovely day!
  7. Playfish is doing an awesome job! I love the new wheel items. Of the hotel items I like the hotel sign. I want to decorate a room to look like a hip rooftop party! I also love the new mon petit cherie set, but especially the wig!!
  8. Hey Lea, I hope you feel better and may you and your loved ones have a warm and healthy Christmas and New Year. Right now I went from having a congested nose, to one side of my throat being sore to right now just having one ear feeling sore. I hope to feel back to my old self by Christmas. As for the arthritis, have you ever tried tumeric? Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been found to help relieve symptoms.
  9. Congratulations to the latest batch of winners!!!
  10. Don't worry, we know real life gets in the way! Thanks lea for even doing something as nice and as generous as this!! Congratulations to Tsukiko, Tiddly Winks, and Toulouse!! :tree2:
  11. Pluna

    Wow so quiet!

    I'm here! But I have to do the dishes! Bleh! Today I also have to do a lot of laundry so double bleh! Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!
  12. Congrats Sinenomine & Hinapasha! I love Charlotte's Web, both the book and film! Makes me tear up everytime!
  13. Oh shoot! That's ok, I should have figured! Thanks anyway, maybe someone will post another pair for sale soon. Happy Holidays!
  14. My sister is an office assistant at an elementary school. She has been in lockdowns a couple of times. We worry since the streets where the school is located aren't that safe. Once,when the kids were in recess, some gang member started shooting and all the kids had to immediately get down on the ground. Another time some gang member hid in the school but the police didn't find him. Another time there was a drug deal gone bad and the police were busting some criminal right across the street. I'm not exaggerating when I say that she experienced three lockdowns in a span of two weeks. On a lighter note, how fun is it to miss an exam or presentation because of unforeseen circumstances.
  15. Pluna

    Christmas songs

    I would love any of these, but at the moment the one I'm liking the most is Charles Brown's "Please come home for Christmas" There are two versions of it on youtube, but I recommend the one with the picture of the record. The one with the picture of the singer has poor sound quality. Also, wouldn't mind these other songs: Judy Garland, "Have yourself a merry little christmas" "Jingle Bell Rock" "Baby It's Cold Outside"-the Johnny Mercer or Dean Martin version "White Christmas" "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" "Winter Wonderland" "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" "Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow" "All I want for Christmas is you" "Santa Claus is Coming to town"
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