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  1. False. You're addicted scratching yourself when itch disturbs?
  2. Sorry I didn't realise you'd already sent the items as I hadn't been on PS before I replied to you Payment received and the 3 items sent, thanks for the great trade +1 rep added for you Thank you. Items received. Great! +rep
  3. No need. I had sent you the payment. Exactly 6x3333. Will give you a + rep if you sent the items i bought from you. Btw, sent me rep too.
  4. I just accepted the f/r, if you'd like the Sweet Pink Eye Patch then it's 1x3333 so if you could sent payment first please as I have more reputation than you do then I'll send the EyePatch or we can use a trade referee if you'd prefer. Payment received and 1 Sweet Pink Eye Patch sent! Thanks for the trade, +1 rep added for you. Could you leave rep for me please? (It's the little + symbol at the side of my post thankyou) Hiya, I'm selling the following items for: * Black Eye Patch - 1x3333 * Fast Food Meal - 4x3333 * Groundhog Plushie - It's my last one so 3x999 = So 5x3333 + 3x999 or equivalent Let me know if those prices are ok with you and then we can trade if you'd like to Thanks for looking at my shop Okay! sent you a f/r request. Maybe will send you 6x3333 instead. Would you mind?
  5. The Vampire Cane sent, thanks for the safe trade, adding u rep Item received. Thanks for the trade. +Rep. with
  6. Can I have the black lace eye patch, Fastfood meal, and the groundhog plushie each for 3-5x3333?
  7. I don't know the price for it. Maybe 2-3x3333?? 3x3333 will be nice sending u f/r and good luck for the LE item Payment sent!
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