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  1. It is an interesting new idea, this competition is fun! yet im not sure i can join since im not an active member i think... i cant check it, i dont know where! have fun anyway ! 86
  2. I think Dan is not feeling comfortable in this job, and apparently this is not a job for him! The job is a very important part of our lives and it has to be pleasant to him! In my opinion Dan is a person who can do well in many jobs, he only has to decide what is suitable and more pleasant for him! Forget about those managers and directors blah blah blah over there. They will never understand , they think with their wallets. I would advise my hubby to get away from they as quick as possible and find a nice job for him! They shouldn't be allowed to hurt a person like Dan. They shouldn't be allowed!! Sometimes many of us have to start over new, and this is a ''inspiring breath'' and we get back our confidence this way! Give him strength to make a new start , and remind him that he has people who support him (you) and a babyyyyy!!!!! Well, im not good in giving advice, but this is only my point of view... i hope it can help. Im sure he will make it anyway
  3. This auction has ended. Winner: Ayathon ! congratulations! i will send you the price soon
  4. Oh i didn't know this too. Looks like i'm new here! lol Thank you for letting me know!
  5. This auction will end in 3 hours and 15 minutes from now
  6. xZinax

    WWF Auction

    Current item on auction: spectacled bear costume base bid: 1x3333 I will accept the most interesting offer. The auction is open for everyone! Enjoy!
  7. i received the items, and sent you 1x5999 thank you for the trade!
  8. thank you so much! you are very kind.. i didn't know it wasn't giftable i will strike it out.
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