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  1. best kawen seru dah smpai la bang kalau x pulang ke kampung jemputlah datang ye hopefully she's into hotwheels as well but not at the moment bang chah saya jgn mcm ni... no kebab Mr Godiva
  2. tq2 to all ; come makan2...heeheehee
  3. thx to all come2...all are invited
  4. As per topic above ; i would like to invite all HWCM to my wedding reception on the 24th December 2011 which will be held at my house in Taman Seri Gombak. All are invited. Here i attach the maps direction Cheers!
  5. Finally....can get the chance to meet the " legendary" kiowtiow!!!! dont like that im still young
  6. finally got the chance to join the annual dinner for the first time!! must attend event
  7. long time did not log in here congratz to all!!
  8. wow..niceee accomodation!! ask him to visit tesco la easier since tesco got a lot of shop or can try whsmith / morrison / wilkinson shud be walking distance if nearby city. or can try john lewis shopping complex nearby albert dock , this one confirm got hotwheels 3rd floor iianm..
  9. kuih_tiow


    totally awesome!! a lot of niceeeeeee car!
  10. which part liverpool?good2... normally i go to nearby store je..Tesco and Sainsbury..hav a go there! now chevy wave all place..
  11. alamak..last time oredi promise to upload corgi close up..but untill now forgot.. sorry2...later i upload ok..
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