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  1. Direct get from japan... new car label with small catalog
  2. When u have it, you will know quite difference already.
  3. TL is 700yen... under RM20...impossible
  4. The key for display only ... it give a real key feel.
  5. This set with metal Lexus LFA key
  6. My today Arrive New Tooling, difference scale also
  7. Order Close : Optimus Prime : 4pcs Bumblebee : 4pcs
  8. Temporaray Tomica Transformer order: Bumblebee ~ 4pcs Optimus Prime ~ 4pcs
  9. For mine. current item with original packing but opened (BIB). Temporaray Tomica Transformer order: Bumblebee ~ 3pcs Optimus Prime ~ 3pcs Order close tonight due to tomorrow need to finalise with seller, temporary no deposit need.
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