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  1. Ok, I am one year late in posting this. Apologies to my buddies - Mushroom, Boneshaker, CKH, Hassan, RGSukan and Woozie. Thanks for everything! Love all these stuff to bits.
  2. sinclair

    ROAK From Hassan

    What a raok, evo police!
  3. Glad you like it RG, I know you have a passion for green.
  4. sinclair

    Roaked from S'pore

    Congrats, superb raok!
  5. sinclair

    RAOK from Msia

    Very surprised to receive a package yesterday filled with lots of goodies. Many thanks to Rayz, danielh and musclemania. Not only cars but the official HWCM T-Shirt. Thanks to Rayz for the T-Shirt and some loose cars, contains a custom Zotic. Thanks to danielh for the 2 MBX Civics including an awesome wheel swap piece. Save me scratching my head looking for this here. And thanks to musclemania for the VW Squareback, which cannot be found here.
  6. Wow, somebody will be drooling at Ford GT40
  7. sinclair

    RAOK from xeifu

    Just before I returned to OZ, bro xeifu passed me this - a real beauty with the same type of flames like his custom competition Ford Falcon, just a different colour. The flames are really nice, especially on the roof. Now the DD is safely stored away in a Foldabox. Probably can do a wheel swap later to make it extra nice. Thanks a lot, xeifu!
  8. sinclair

    RAOK from Sinclair

    Glad to help. I remembered that you collect those red ones.
  9. sinclair

    raok from xebec

    Great raok from xebec. I think option 1 got the edge, more classic.
  10. Well done guys. Great RAOK to xebec.
  11. sinclair

    Surprise RAOK

    Got this strange package in the mail. Turns out it is from Rayz and full of cars. Thanks Rayz, appreciate it. Most of it going to be re-cycled though.
  12. sinclair

    i been roaked mate...

    Glad you like it. All happy family. Now just add the latest safari edition and make an army version like hyper mite to complete.
  13. sinclair

    RAOK from Mr S.

    You're welcome dude. I know that you collect this casting.
  14. Wow, good 'old old friend.
  15. sinclair

    RAOK again!!!

    Another RAOK, great!
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