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  1. oi chah, thanks for the compliments! but i hampir muntah tadi when i saw your comment. really not expected. lol
  2. Thanks guys! Found it inside the transit mall. Extremely excited when I found it!
  3. I finally found my mystery machine!
  4. There ive opened it both back and front of the truck join up pretty well i like how the head pops up out of the hood peeka boo!
  5. somebody's eyeing your gold mustang
  6. so happy to have found it! will open it up soon and take pics of it joining up..hehe..very sayang to open though..
  7. Ice cream truck!!! after watching the movie I wonder why they never made this but they did! i got mine today at subang toys r us its so cute
  8. niceeee...detailing very good.. can even see the alphabets and number on the bonet just like the mark 1 ironman..
  9. very good job tunnelrat~~! i like the mark 1 and 2 the best.. custom more cars and show us!
  10. did you draw that and pasted on the car or printed out? hehe
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