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  1. Yes and very soon it'll be announced....as soon eager members hands-up to volunteer - while fully aware of the commitments and dedication on their part - the club is 100% supportive. if u have 'skills' n resourceful is a +plus On behalf existing club Committee members, we do agree we need individuals with the above requirements. Chime in when you guys have the chance...all opinions accepted and dwell into.
  2. Couple sites for those who are oblivious - What the HeLL is a Kustom & Hot Rod Show?? LOL http://yokohamahotrodcustomshow.com/cars_hcs2011/ http://yokohamahotrodcustomshow.com/model_cas_hcs2011/ http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/en/photo/
  3. bro eight...you not the only one who tot of that leh...if u notice those *special/nice plates all SOLD dy long gone...only can see on eBay now
  4. JackDy..the donor car is still with me, when you wanna pick up do a 'twin' C4-RedBuLL?
  5. If anyone cares here is a link...can download PDF some more 'WWW' plates results
  6. forum Votes msclee as 'Traffic Controller'
  7. There will be a upcoming event that needs HWCM members/volunteers presence ...there will be a sign-up on who can volunteer their service. Heard its somewhere in June...i believe there's an advertisement on TopGear and few other publications you can check out info or online...hmm let me check, here you go the Facebook link... Art Of Speed 23-24 June, 2012 So for those who can spare some time, and love to take part in an event like this come and get your name listed - a chance to prove your loyalty and passion to the club LOL just kidding...
  8. I guess it is a syndrome CHAH ....most guys go by the saying "If you can't beat them, Join 'em"...newbies the ones kena hit hardest cos sorta 'headless-chicken' not sure what their decision is....then all the so-called otai try to racun them into forking out $$$ so newbies can catch up... But hor...never think if these newbies buy em ALL dy then..what? There's only so many HW JDM released since 1968...so then what? Again susah la ni...bagi je ape diorang suka buat, online is 'open' community kan...as for the rest of forum members i too fikir semua hibernating ler kekekeke
  9. dearborn ape...kan dah sebut Japan dia pun bleh offer
  10. http://www.gbfans.com/shop/merchandise/hot-wheels-elite-ecto-1/ ...BTW isn't these old news already All has been released... Vandenan...are you speaking of the 1:64 scale?...since you looking at RM4x.xx range
  11. Fuhh!!!! x2 FEs in this line-up never released yet on basic line yet...
  12. Hi Jay...yes you may put glue onto the axle since all 4 wheels are independent on its own thus you won't need the axle to rotate. Only disadvantage it won't be quick at any races tho, since the axle is glued onto base...
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