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  1. Can anyone share your damage during this Litt Tak throw price sesson??
  2. Today when to Litt Tak Sg Wang, all the town sets are 70%, I already late, not many left
  3. RM10.90 - 20% @ Jusco MV I was told those Tomica @ discounted price RM6.90, 50% and 70% all have to go before end of June. Hopefully this is not true otherwise you left only few models of Tomica and upcoming models. Beside there is a Litt Tak warehouse sales at Mid of June... Waiting~
  4. The No. 40 Anni 370Z arrieved at JJ MV.
  5. maybe only have 1 release, sure will be very RARE item 10 years later.
  6. Yes, No.40 for Tomica 40th Ann and Fairlady 40th Anni model. So many 40s.
  7. Tomica seems to have 3 pricing NOW, Old Models - RM6.90 Match Hot Wheels Price New Models - RM10.90 Collectible Models - RM12.90 (Cokes..)
  8. Yes, RM10.90. Donno Y Coke Trucks are RM12.90 . Even that all habis~~~~
  9. RM80 after 70% Discount RM8.70 after 20% less That all for Jusco Day MV.
  10. Wuah~ old 105, still can get? My Plakid and his BS..
  11. Hello Atom, can meet again this Thurs? I will buy U TT
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