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  1. hope you like it come and collect when you free
  2. I have alot of Hotwheels, Matchbox, to clear at decent price. Loose and carded. Besides that there are other brands also like Majorette, Maisto and etc....... Only COD tomorrow Night (29th July 2011) at MCD Gathering..... See you guys tomorrow ~
  3. those who are interested can pm me special price for hwcm members
  4. Playing cars for sale. There are four categories to be choose from. 1) Proton Cars 2) Rally Cars 3) Japanese Performance Cars 4) Japanese Nostalgics Cars Each pack consist of 30 cars including their specifications. Printed using high quality printing material and good quality box also. PM me for price. Looking for agents for further distribution..
  5. great sutff jackdy you will be a master in no time !
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