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Chia Joon Chai

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  1. Just received from US, only one pc and already sold. There is not much features on this van except the tiny aerial.
  2. For own collection and to share the detailing of the model car. Lenth 14 inches long witdth 4.5inhes. [
  3. Found all these model car at Amcorp Fleamarket on last Sunday. 1 inch in lenght, pull backaction with casing, one model two colour, unfortunately I only got 8 pcs and short of two colour.
  4. For own collection and share.
  5. Customised from New Ray Model in various state flag, code of arm and registration plate. For own collection.
  6. Just came in from US, to share with everybody.
  7. There are 3 more above items available, just came in from US yesterday, interested please PM me, 1st come 1st serve.
  8. This is not an original Ghostbuster ambulance, just for the interest and foe own collection, beside the real welly model, the rest of the items is scrap.
  9. Bburago just released 2 pcs Lamborghini Aventador with SWAROVSKI ELEMENT, this is first time produced by BBurago, so far Malaysia only have 2 units each 1} Black Swarovski element 2) Sparkling White Swarovski Element
  10. Yes , there will be a sample pc on shown at Amcorp this Sunday.
  11. Dear all, this is one of the car which I am waiting for long time, at last I brought it in from USA and it reached my door step. Hope everybody enjoy viewing and share. 1st Batch 3pcs - 2 already SOLD 2nd Batch will be Next Week. Actual packing of the car. Actual look on the car
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