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  1. Chah where are you based, klang valley? There are shops which sell by sets and cases if you are interested
  2. I think next year no more t-hunts series.. only Supers I guess. What i heard is next year Reg & $upers will be hidden He/they can have all the green stripes they want next year.... there's gonna be loads of them , lets see them try and sell them to the collectors
  3. can post it here but we need the actual car by 20th June to be displayed & judged there by on the event day... where is that event day place? Event will be held at Publika
  4. Snake & Mongoose Designer: Jun Imai http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_McEwen_(drag_racer) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Prudhomme
  5. What i heard was, the color stripe is to promote the color of each of the Team Hot Wheels Driver, Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. But whether this will carry into the mainline cars for next year is a doubt becoz there are too many segments in the mainline and there is only 4 colors for the Team Hot Wheels Driver.
  6. okey dokey, will bring a few... 100 enough?
  7. I have collected the HW Booklets from Mattel, will pass them out at the next gathering (not sure if there is one tmrw)
  8. Heavy Chevy (2005 RLC Party Car @ 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention - Irvine)
  9. T-Bird Spoiler (2010 RLC Party Car @ 24th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention - LA)
  10. please check top of page for update of 2012 Dinner Race
  11. On behalf of Impavido, thanks for the wishes
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