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  1. i love wat mattel did to the thunt !!!
  2. cloudy

    haul of the day

    Got it from evilbay of course lolx.. another pic..
  3. nice collection, I got the RLC and mystery, damn cun, cant stop looking at them whenever I took them out from the box
  4. Sahama: TQ bro smadli07: Yes bro, sorry yah, cause I have to sell all together, if not left some not popular hunts for me oso useless.. I don intent to bring them wif me
  5. Hi guys, I would like to clear my collection cause I'm moving back to semenanjung from sabah, and don't wan to bring so many things with me. These hunts are all hardly collected and all in mint condition unless I stated below. Please PM me ur offer in LOT (by year), cause I want to make sure all of them gone, don't want to have any leftover, so dear collector, please PM me ur bid. I will pack them damn well with many layer protection and send by poslaju. 2010 Treasure Hunt Classic Packard Reg x 1 Classic Packard Super x 1 Ford Torino Reg x 2 Ford Torino Super x 1 Camaro Concept Reg x 1 Chevroletor Reg x 1 Ratbomb Reg x 3 2009 Treasure Hunt Bad Bagger Reg x 2 Bad Bagger Super x 1 '55 Chevy Reg x 1 Custom '53 Chevy Reg x 1 '46 Merc Super x 1 2008 Treasure Hunt Chrysler 300C Reg x 1 Chrysler 300C Super x 1 (Slight dmg on the back of the card, the bar code gone together with the price tag) '64 Buick Reg x 1 Ford Mustang GT Reg x 1 Hot Bird Reg x 1 Dodge Viper Reg x 1 Qombee Reg x 1 ( US carded) '70 Plymouth Road Runner Reg x 1 Dodge Challenger Funny Car Reg x 1 Drift King Reg x 4 2007 Treasure Hunt Evil Twin Super x 1 (Some paint job dropped from body)
  6. cloudy

    Slick Rides

    speechless... I want that T1 bus.....
  7. cloudy

    One Loose Haul

    Opps, sorry.. Cause there are released almost in the same time, just different set, one is TRU exclusive, another is LR exclusive.
  8. cloudy

    One Loose Haul

    Opps, I got something "similar" too, way to go TRU BS... Another surprise for you guys.. dang dang ~~
  9. cloudy

    Devil Haul

    me too... always want to roll the buses.. damn..
  10. cloudy

    Devil Haul

    haha, thx all, I always love drag bus.. will get more in future..
  11. cloudy

    Devil Haul

    To unseal and release the devil from evil bay, we need to gather 3 vw cars with tampo "6" to make it "666". Now I already have 2 out of 3, the day for devil to rule the earth won't be far away. WAHAHAHAHA ~~~~ This is the drag bus I wanted most~~
  12. Hi guys, I'm currently looking for $uper Bone Shaker, $uper Fire Eater, $uper Plymouth, $uper Dodge FunnyCar, or reg/$uper 2010 thunt. Got a lot of rare item to trade, like 2009 $uper bagger, 08 reg thunt. Pm do best.
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