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  1. i also have FE VW Fastback... can get superised 2012 hunt?
  2. dun worry about the negative bro... apparently the person must be blind... accidentally click the -ve instead of +ve... your custom is awesome! waiting for my turn to get my hands on your handy work! waiting for your good news!
  3. Nice wheel swap... the chrome and gold Drag bus is awesome
  4. love both of the designs. Both also VW. Super cool!!!
  5. camaro and mustang saved.... fuioohhh...
  6. Thank you. Thank you. Got another one today to loose it. It is a thing of beauty. Thanks. Ya... true. really a great car. thanks bro
  7. thanks everyone. I'm sure sooner or later you guys will get the 599xx. It is not as rare as those $uper t-hunt. Cheers!
  8. Oh... can pm me the price plus shipping to KK? Maybe i'll get it if the price is good. TQ!
  9. everyone is crazy for 599xx.
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