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chee keng hong

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  1. congrats!!! Heavy RAOK ..this one!!
  2. congrat M.Nasir! That's one superb haul!
  3. corvette c6r from 5 pack "american Performance"! Congrats once again!!
  4. fuyoh!! Great RAOK u have there!! This DB really "cun"!! COngrats!!
  5. arrgh!! NON stop getting RAOK from Xebec!! Tahniah!!
  6. U damm lucky guy...RG!! Straight away get 2 RAOK from Cham & mushrOOm! wat so great bout u?? ..NO hard feeling bro..jus joking!! That Helang look nice!! COngrats!!
  7. damm! I should have bought the Fire Tanker b4 xebec RAOK to u!! he he!! Nice RAOK bro!! Custom the Mustang?? Hmm...i prefer u to custom the Fire Tanker Instead of the Mustang!! Why??? Cuz the Fire Tanker got six pcs of wheels to swap instead 4 on the Mustang!! Let see how the result will be!!
  8. chee keng hong

    ROAK from CKH

    not qualify to be RAOKer! jus small token of it!!
  9. Already transform...but get stuck!! Cant transform back to car!!!
  10. wat can i say??? Great Customizer get ROAK by Great Green Hunter..Master Yoda! Cingrats on that!! $$$$$$$$$$uper!!!
  11. Last saturday..i was on my way to K.L for a holiday trip with my family. It was a very meaningful holiday for me..cuz i got chance up meet with some of the members in K.L. And there r Master Of Customizer Danielh, Danielh son ,Master Of Slaughtering Sinclair, Shakz7 and Kukubeh too!! As our 1st meet was at Amcorp mall... and i didnt know the route to there, so i had to wait for Danielh to get me there! After reach the amcorp mall..we wait for Shakz7 to come in Mc D! We had a short chat,and i really thanks to Shakz7 for coming to meet me as he was celebrating his 1st day of Hari Raya! Then...Danielh pass to me this : 2005 FORD MUSTANG GT : and by surprise ,Shakz7 pass this to me this as Salam perkenalan: '67 Checy Nova: and : Ford GT-40: Thanks to u all guys! After that, me and Danielh go to the Mid valley to meet up with Sinclair! Yes! Our Sifu!! And in suprise, i was told by Sinclair that kukukbeh also happen to be in Mid Valley for Shopping (hauling ..i think!). And then we meet him up! We get a chance to Chit chat for a while b4 i say goodbye to them! I am really really happy to meet those member and especially Danielh! A big thanks to him! Not only he had accompany me for the day ...and he is my GPS too!! . He guide and assist me on how to get to the location that i wanna go. Without him...i maybe wasted another few hour in K.L! I really owe u bro!! Sinclair, Shakz7 and kukubeh...thanks to u all too!! And last..wanna thanks Mr.admin for calling up when i was in Sg.Wang Plaza and sorry to him too cuz cant met him and other members in SS15 Mc D last night..cuz had to going back to Pontian!
  12. wow..congrats bro!! non stoping receiving the surprise from our HCWM member!!
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