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  1. Hey guys, Looking to complete my Supers for 2012 & 2013. If you have any to sell, please PM me which model you have and the price/s. Thanks
  2. Nanti kena bukak kotak2 lama. Kalo ada yg lain akan di poskan kat sini
  3. The Subarus traded with HW Star Trek; 1 for 1.
  4. sab3lt took the 2 Evos yesterday. The Subarus & Civics are still available.
  5. The 2 Evos CS are booked by sab3lt
  6. Greetings Guys/Gals, I have these cars for trade with HW Star Trek. 2 Star Trek for 1 Evo X Color Shifters. Thanks for watching. Also these 2 Subarus is also for trade with HW Star Trek; 1 for 1. These Honda Civic Si are also for trade with HW Star Trek; 1 for 1.
  7. This is the 7th version of the 1966 Batmobile. The only version they have yet to make is the Superized.
  8. They should make a Superized Flintmobile....
  9. And of course The Flintmobile http://www.hotwheelsbr.com/2013_Imagination/070-lg.jpg
  10. Another Batmobile appears in the 2013 Imagination Line. Its a 1966 Batmobile http://www.hotwheelsbr.com/2013_Imagination/062-lg.jpg
  11. All traded. Thanks everyone for looking & thanks to all whom have traded with me .
  12. 1 Evo X for 2 cars from my wanted list.
  13. FYI, you could offer 3 of the same cars from my wanted list for 2 of the cars I'm offering for trade. It not necessarily be 3 different cars. Thanks & cheers
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