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  1. Hey guys, Looking to complete my Supers for 2012 & 2013. If you have any to sell, please PM me which model you have and the price/s. Thanks
  2. Nanti kena bukak kotak2 lama. Kalo ada yg lain akan di poskan kat sini
  3. The Subarus traded with HW Star Trek; 1 for 1.
  4. sab3lt took the 2 Evos yesterday. The Subarus & Civics are still available.
  5. The 2 Evos CS are booked by sab3lt
  6. Greetings Guys/Gals, I have these cars for trade with HW Star Trek. 2 Star Trek for 1 Evo X Color Shifters. Thanks for watching. Also these 2 Subarus is also for trade with HW Star Trek; 1 for 1. These Honda Civic Si are also for trade with HW Star Trek; 1 for 1.
  7. This is the 7th version of the 1966 Batmobile. The only version they have yet to make is the Superized.
  8. They should make a Superized Flintmobile....
  9. And of course The Flintmobile http://www.hotwheelsbr.com/2013_Imagination/070-lg.jpg
  10. Another Batmobile appears in the 2013 Imagination Line. Its a 1966 Batmobile http://www.hotwheelsbr.com/2013_Imagination/062-lg.jpg
  11. All traded. Thanks everyone for looking & thanks to all whom have traded with me .
  12. 1 Evo X for 2 cars from my wanted list.
  13. FYI, you could offer 3 of the same cars from my wanted list for 2 of the cars I'm offering for trade. It not necessarily be 3 different cars. Thanks & cheers
  14. All PM replied. My apologies for the late reply
  15. Greetings Guys/Gals, I have some cars for trade. Hot Wheels 2008 Lancer Evolution (Blue, Red & Grey) Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si (Black, Grey & Gold) Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline for Hot Wheels The Bat Hot Wheels Mystery Machine Hot Wheels Angry Bird (Red & Green) Terms of Trade: 2 of any of my Lancers & Civic Si's for any 3 cars from the list Nissan Skyline 1 for 1
  16. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how to upload photos to the Trade column. Planning to trade some HWs. Thank you
  17. Was looking thru Hot Wheels Brasil. Its stated that: 2013 - HW Imagination (051 - 075) Batman - Gotham (61 - 70) -#65 is 065. Batman Live Batmobile (Novo) Does this means that in 2013, it'll be a whole lot of Batman's related cars numbered 61 to 70 (10 cars!!!) This will turn a lot of collectors nuts! Happy Hunting guys
  18. vavavoom

    TV show A-team..

    Now the van looks like an Armour Truck! A good attempt though
  19. Mystery Machine coming this year. Yes I know. How lucky can I be right? Just when I was hoping that HW would come out with a Mystery Machine & Wallah... its there. And its not even Christmas yet...
  20. Yes, that's one of everybody's all time favourite. I think I can safely say that "keep your finger crossed" cos the trend of HW producing tv or movie related cars are on the rise. Eventually all cars will come out in diecast form. Pretty sure of it...
  21. Never seen this one before or maybe I'm just outdated
  22. If only our Malaysian papers would take the initiative to do the same... Would put a big smile on every Hot Wheels collectors in Malaysia.
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