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  1. Hi Guys, Hope you all enjoy the new lines this year... Cool packaging for vintage racing... Rapit transit is also a cool line... Watch out for new lines next year.. Merry Xmas to all... As an Xmas present here are a few trivia, 1) Did you know that the 71 Dodge Challenger used in the mainline is the same one used in the Green Lantern Movie Next year and Green Lantern is a DC? 2) Seems we are missing something for our DeLorean? I will make sure it will be back in for the future mainline. 3) Not all hot wheels designers are from hot wheels and not all matchbox designers are from matchbox? Can you spot which car and who? I think that will be enough for this year. Enjoy!
  2. I will post all the names here on the front door. HH Lee Rizuwan Chuah YH Lim SH Tan MDT (Our company) Filters CK Te Ong VJ At the rear KY Mah Veloo
  3. Yup sinclair... But you didnt say my name LOL...
  4. I got 4 comic con one with me...
  5. Here is a little trivia, the designer for Buzzerk is the same designer as Pedal de Metal. Can you spot the similarity?
  6. The car name is releases. Circle Trucker. It is listed in hotwheel wiki already. No pics yet.
  7. I think they are talking bout the ones sold during comic-con?
  8. The car is not yet announce so i cannot say the name.. Anyway buzzerk is a great car... Gave me a headache trying to make it...
  9. Keep posting new cars here and i will point out my name when i see it... LOL..
  10. DeadlyRush


    email... yes personally no.... lol she loved it so it was ok
  11. How many here know my real name??
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