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  1. It's on Brazil too! Take a look: http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2011/11/lote-de-2012-mainline-hot-wheels-na.html Cheers, Doug
  2. Sorry, I have no pics today, but I got the card's art! Is it ok for you? A lot of poison coming for 2012... http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2011/11/mais-novidades-de-2012-da-hot-wheels.html Cheers! Doug
  3. One more T-Hunt for you guys! http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2011/11/bomba-pra-fechar-semana-outro-t-hunt-de.html Cheers! Doug
  4. This time is a beautiful Corvette! http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2011/11/bomba-mais-um-t-hunt-de-2012.html Cheers! Doug T-Hunted.com
  5. The pic is from someone outside Brazil. I believe it's from someone in Hong Kong. Doug
  6. Seems that we have a pic of the new "Super"... http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2011/11/bomba-o-quarto-superized-de-2012-da-hot.html Doug
  7. Hi guys! It's Doug from T-Hunted blog in Brazil. Most of the pics are from my blog, and you can check them and a lot more at http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/ Our convention was great. We have around 1,5 million collectors in Brazil, according to Mattel, and we have our own RLC. Check it at http://www.colecionadoreshw.com.br/rlc_Default.aspx Guillo, the guy who makes Transformers from Hot Wheels is from Venezuela, and now he moved to Argentina. Take a look at my blog. I'm showing some news about 2011, with some pics nobody saw til now, includin the new Back to the Future DeLorean that will be present at the 2011 mainline. Thank you guys! Doug
  8. Thank you guys! Yesterday we received the information that we'll have our third convention here in Brazil on august, 14. We'll have those exclusive cars here (Drag Bus and Fastback). If I go to the convention, I'll send you a lot of pics!
  9. Now I understand this "poison"! I was thinking my photos were poisoning someone in a bad way! Thank you for this warm welcome. And everyone is invited to help me with the blog and give me your advices! I have a good friend in Malaysia: Adrian Thien. He always give me some pics of what he finds in your country. Malaysia always receive things first. Doug
  10. Thank you Atomkinder! Sorry, I didn't understand what you mean with "poison".
  11. Hi guys! Sorry for the inconvenience on the pics I posted on my blog. I found those pics on hotwheelscollectors.com, and I did my best to put a credit of who posted them. I didn't know they belong to someone here. The blog is a hard work I have to bring information to the brazilian collectors (actually we're the second market to Hot Wheels worldwide), and I take pics from a lot of places, and always take care to give credits on the photos (like you did on some pictures of mine here: /hot-wheels-only-f1/brazil-japan-convention-2010-vw-drag-bus-fastback-t3779.htm). I took these photos from here: http://forums.hotwheelscollectors.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/8821092095/m/9021023026?r=9021023026#9021023026 and I already corrected the post with the credits do rikmun. Sorry again, and count on me to bring news to this great forum! Douglas, from Brazil! http://t-hunted.blogspot.com
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