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  1. rikmun

    KITT for sale.

    Selling in set.offer me.highest price wins.
  2. Yo yo yo~! Im back with my latest custom. The Lamborghini Aventador J. WIP Together with a Aventador and Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale
  3. Sold in set. PM for price
  4. Currently minimizing my collections. PM me for your price. All sell in set SET A Shortcard Corvette Stingray Concept SET D Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Volkswagen Fastback. ECTO-1 SOLD SET E Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR SET F Chevrolet Camaros SET G Dodge Challengers SET H Ford GTs SET I Tooligans SET J Shortcard and Long card Volkswagen SP2 SET K Shortcard and longcard Ford Mustang SET L Shortcard and longcard Ford Shelby GT500 All below sell separately.The more you buy,the cheaper. -THUNT CAMARO SOLD -Green DD SOLD -BEETLECUP SOLD -Carbonator SOLD
  5. rikmun

    Ladies in red!

    Hmmm.I guess its Candy Red!
  6. Nice! A little like mine!
  7. rikmun

    Found these...

    Mummy!Where's mineee!?
  8. Yes.The name is funny.Lol.Its a combination of Dodge Challenger's head,Chevrolet Camaro's body and Ford Shelby GT500's rear and its called Fordodgrovolet Camustanger SSGT500SRT8
  9. Nice replica bro!Save money!but the black doesnt looks like flat black?
  10. Hey guys!Sorry for unactive postings lately.here's my customs I did recently. Starting from a Ferrari 599 GTO.Its a total conversion from a Ferrari 500XX to a 599GTO. Then another version of my Ferrari 458 Spyder MKII.Cleaner and more into 'production' version.haha. BMW M3 GTS and M3 Pickup A Nova Blue Lamborghini Murcielago LP6704SV (replica of one of the SVs in Singapore) with Italian themed flag SV,Oped hood,Disc brakes and details. Fast 5's GTR35 and Custom Challenger SRT8 And,tumpang sikit.Honda Insight Turbo.scratchbuilt side skirts,hood and wheels from Tomica Limited Nissan GTR
  11. DAMN!I DROPPED MY JAWWWW!!!! =OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I saw 3 $thunt ENZOOOOOO! btw,you're missing Red and yellow All star Ferrari 430 Scuderia,Red 288 GTO Garage.
  12. The is freaking extreme wideee mann!Awesome!
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