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  1. the last i saw 2 years ago was > USD120.
  2. thanks for the info. very useful. haven't really look into those variant, probably i should start now before more and more people start collect. hehe. Not sure about the walgreens variant cause i don't have any of them yet....
  3. sinclair, what the diff between the 2 dragon celica and also that 2 orange window celica?
  4. if this the case then most probably the item is accidently detour to some other country before come to you. but be prepared for the worst.... for my case the seller is very responsive in the begining. but when it's about 45 days and the item still not arrived, i ask him multiple times for the custom form number and he just ignore my message. i should have file a refund in the first place rather than trusted him..... so the thing i learn now is when it's about 45 days and if the item still not arrived, i'll file a claim first. when the item really arrived, then we can refund them back the seller using paypall again.
  5. never take thing for granted especially from ebay even if you have done a deal with the seller before and he has good reputation. i kena once from this kind of seller. you trusted them but at the end they never even send your package.
  6. are you using our post laju to send those items? i have sent over 200+ hot wheels package to people in around Malaysia and i have never had this problem before.... it's either you are very bad luck or...
  7. your custom work never fail to amaze me. keep up the good work.
  8. LIKE ! this guy must be more 'ular' than ular. LOL.
  9. i suppose this from jusco bukit indah then. someone always score th from there. good one bro.
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